Jolta E-Bike – Pakistan’s First E-Bike Launched by PM Imran Khan


Prime Minister Imran Khan launched Pakistan’s first e-bike, Jolta E-bike. The ceremony was held at Islamabad today where the Prime Minister presided over the ceremony. The launch of these bikes is in tandem with the government’s 5 year Pakistan Electric Vehicle Policy 2020-2025.

According to the goals set by the government last year, it is the government’s mission is to increase electric vehicles in Pakistan by 30% by 2030. Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted about the new launch saying, “Prime Minister Imran Khan, with focus on the eco-friendly environment, will launch Pakistan’s first locally manufactured electric motorbike (E-Bike) at a ceremony tomorrow.”

Jota E-Bike Launched

Jolta Electric is a Pakistani company that makes electronic bikes exclusively. They made it a mission to make electric vehicles to implement and achieve the new goals set by the government regarding the EV policy. At the moment they have launched multiple models, these are:

  • JE-70
  • JE-70L
  • JE-70 D
  • JE-100 L
  • JE-125L
  • JE-Scootey
  • JE-Sports Bike

All of the bikes are electric and promote energy efficiency. These bikes can be charged overnight and can be driven around freely, without any hassle. The Jolta E-Bike does not have a gear box or clutch, which is the quintessential electric vehicle.

These bikes are low maintenance and can go as fast as 60 kilometer per hour. At the moment, Jolta has the JE-70 Jolta E-Bike available in three colors that are red, pink and black. The bike can cover 80 kilometers when it is fully charged and the comes with a 20 AH battery.

Jolta Ebike

The bike will come with 1000 W Power Motor and it is recommended to charge it overnight for best results. It takes 1.5 unites to charge the battery which is perfect for the needs of Pakistani consumers who don’t want to consume too much electricity.

The Jolta E-Bike JE-70 can go as fast as 20 kilometers per hour on an inclined road. But considering that we don’t have many inclined roads in the cities, the performance of this bike is not under question at all. You can book the bike at the moment on Jolta’s website and get a quote.

More will be revealed soon. Stay tuned.

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