LG G6 VS Samsung Galaxy S8; True Competitors are in ring


The two most anticipated and promising phones; LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are now in ring. Both of the androids are official now and seem to be true competitors on big stage. LG G6 kept its fame in MWC till the launch of Samsung S8. If we look back in time, LG G3 ruled for a time then Samsung Galaxy S6 took its position and so LG G4 couldn’t make its place then later Galaxy S7 became famous as it is more impressive than that of LG G5.

But now Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are going to have a real fight. Both are following the trend of Wide screen with bezel- free design of this year. However, they have crazy wide screens but still have distinctive features. Let have a closer look at their specifications.

Design and Display

The LG G6 now has an impressive Quad HD 5.7in display with an aspect ratio of 18:9, taller than the standard 16:9. The Galaxy S8 has a more standard widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, but it has increased the display size from 5.1in to a whopping 5.8in.

LG G6 has moved away from its modular style and deceiving its own design of G5 brings bezels on the sides and slight larger ones on the top and bottom, but the G6 undoubtedly is an eye-catcher. And it’s a flat screen, that’s all enough to inspire you. On the other hand, Galaxy S8 has a taller screen with no bezels on curved screen also very little at top and bottom.

It is hard to choose as both the flag ship phones have absolute look.

HardWare and Memory

LG G6 has the Snapdragon 821, and while that’s one of the company’s most powerful chips, basically it has 14nm fabrication process. Just remember that lower number there tend to coincide with more modern, faster, and power-efficient chips. If we talk about Samsung, It could also go with a 14nm chip for the Galaxy S8, instead of that it decided to go next-level with 10nm processors: which appear to be the Snapdragon 835.


LG is giving its users more options because there are two main cameras, each with a 13MP resolution, and both are equipped with unique lenses: wide-angle or a tighter view. Samsung, whereas, has a single 12MP camera, and it’s not even some bold new component which earlier we have seen on the GS7 last year. Samsung S8 is coming with 12Mp rear and 8Mp front facing camera with an auto focus option. We can say that Samsung seems to pull ever so slightly ahead, because of S8’s Selfie camera has an auto-focus mode a front-facer rarity.


It is surely a difficult choice between these two because both possess incredible features and spec. They have a fair match on considering their design, display and key features.

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