List of Top 5 Best Law Schools in Karachi


Students which are about to take admission in any law college then here is the information regarding the best Law Schools available in Karachi. The institutes mentioned below are all renowned for providing best facilities to the students. The law taught by these institutes is in accordance with the shariat and Quran.The teachings of the law schools are based on the legal system of Pakistan.

International School of Law & Business, Karachi:

International School of Law & Business, a well known law institute in Karachi and facilitates its students in enormous ways. The institute aims to provide students with the education that aids them in their working career. It is more oriented towards the needs of its students.

Sindh Muslim Law College, Karachi:

Sindh Muslim Law College is a public sector law institute located in Karachi. Government owned college is the most advanced one. The teachings of the college meets the standards set by international forums. Sindh Muslim Law College produces highly qualified practitioners.

 Government Islamia Law College, Karachi:

Government Islamia Law College, is one of the best colleges in Karachi and is having highly professional faculty members. Most importantly the institute provides the students with the opportunity to get professional training which is the most important part of any course.

L’Ecole for Advanced Studies, Karachi:

It is the independent education imparting institute which provides its students with the environment that ensures the high academic success. The faculty of the institute is highly skilled and prepares its students to cope up with any diverse situations in their career.

Hamdard School of Law, Karachi:

Hamdard School of Law emphasizes on to impart training to its students that would be helpful in their professional career. The academic staff of the institute is focuses on the preparation of their students for the future challenges.

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