Maaz Safder And His Wife Welcomed Kanwal Aftab With Open Arms

The Safder home, a sanctuary of modern elegance in Karachi, played host to the soirée. Elegantly decorated inside with breathtaking views of the city skyline. This venue is perfect for a night of great company and unforgettable conversation.

The dynamic team of Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain were warmly welcomed by Maaz Safder and his wife in the lively city of Karachi, where anticipation was palpable. An extraordinary evening filled with laughter, and warmth. The exceptional charm that characterizes Karachi’s hospitality captured during this private gathering.


Luxurious Meal Experience

The culinary spectacle that Maaz Safder and his wife planned for their guests was truly remarkable. Appetizers who expertly combined modern influences with classic Pakistani flavors kicked off the event. Every bite, from the tender kebabs to the handmade sweets, showcased the hosts’ dedication to culinary perfection.

Outdoor Meals

As the evening wore on, the party relocated to an outside space, where a patio illuminated by soft lighting set the scene for a lavish feast. The soft Karachi wind and the soft light of the fairy lights made for a magical setting where the visitors could relax and enjoy themselves.

Kanwal Discussions 

Engaging discussions covering a wide range of subjects characterized the get-together of zulqarnain sikandar wife, Maaz Safder, and his wife. Laughter, companionship, and mutual respect weaved together a tapestry of stories, from shared experiences to future goals.

Karachi Hospitality 

Maaz Safder and his wife exemplified genuine Karachi hospitality with their warm hospitality. It was more than a social gathering. Also, It was a joyous ode to the city’s innate beauty, culture, and camaraderie.


Hosted by Maaz Safder and his wife, the gathering stands out in Karachi’s social scene as a beacon of elegance and congeniality. Each aspect of the evening, from the breathtaking location to the delectable gastronomic adventure. Added up to a memorable affair that will stay with everyone lucky enough to attend.

Iqra Javed
Iqra Javed
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