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There is no doubt Pakistani drama industry is idolized worldwide because of its amazing storyline and great actors. The Pakistani drama industry lights up the years even for a common man. Without hard work, dedication, and perseverance, you can never succeed in the drama industry. The hardworking and one of the finest actresses paired with cute and innocent looks has made her famous among the audience. she is seen in many commercials, drama serials, and music videos. Merub Ali is also a talented model who gained popularity after the rumors of getting engaged with Asim Azhar.

Merub Ali Biography

The 25 years old Pakistani actress is also a model who has hit the headlines in a short span. Even her appearance with Asim Azhar in the public made her into the limelight. However, her bubbly looks, adorable nature, and cute features gained uncountable followers on Instagram from where she got a kick start of her career in the drama industry. She proved herself as a talented actress in the big project Sinf-e-Aahan. Merub won the hearts of many people with her amazing acting.

Merub Ali

Merub Ali Age

She is 25 years old born in 1996 on 23rd January which makes her zodiac sign Aquarius.

Merub Ali Education

She has completed her graduation from the University of Central Punjab known as UCP in Lahore.

Merub Ali Career

Merub Ali started her career in the showbiz industry as a model in 2018. She started her work through Instagram as a model and gained popularity with a large fan following. she is seen in many mobile commercials and clothing brands endorsements such as Breakout, Kayseria, Limelight, and Nishat. Merub’s kickstart from social platform enabled her to sign a project with Sajjad Ali in his music video and she did make an appearance in “Lagaya Dil”. Viewers adored her beauty and acting which turned her career by giving her fame among the viewers.

Later on, she signed a famous drama serial titled as Sinf-e-Aahan which gave her career a

great boost because the drama is loved by all viewers and known as a star-busted serial. In the drama, she is seen to perform as a supporting role beside Yumna Zaidi. Her role as a Pathan girl is superb who supports her elder sister to join the PMA. She is seen with adorable nature in the Pashto accent especially in the first episode which aired on 27th November 2021.

The talented actress made her way in the industry successfully and focuses to achieve her goals with hard work.

Merub Ali Family

She is a permanent resident of Lahore and has a little family. Merub’s two brothers always support her with love and respect for her decisions. Zawair Ali, her brother is a famous V-logger. Her mother is often seen in the pictures with her. However, she does not have an artistic background but her family encourages and support her to pursue a career as an actress.

Merub Ali rumor

The mothers of Merub Ali and Asim Azhar are close and old friends. So, both Merub and Asim are close as friends and have seen each other in public after the breakup of Hania Amir and Asim Azhar. The fans have started adoring the new couple and the rumors of their engagement have hit the social platforms. It was Asim Azhar who negotiated the rumor and clarified the post because there was no proof about their engagement and both of them are good friends. Fans of Merub and Asim were always curious to know about the relationship going between them. However, Instagram made it clear that Merub supports Asim in all her decision.

Thus, the relation of Merub and Asim had no clarity but both of them good amazing. She is positive about her career and wants to take it more seriously. Recently, she is approached by most of the famous brands for modeling.

Merub Ali Dramas

She only performed in one drama and did amazing work in

  • Sinf-e Aahan

Merub Ali Interests

She owns astounding fashion sense and is known for her good looks due to which she is famous on social platforms. She is seen as highly active on social media platforms such as Instagram and keeps on posting regularly about her work. Currently, she has 315k followers on Instagram who follow her stylish fashion trends. Merub Ali is also a pet lover.

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