Javed Afridi Indicates the Arrival of MG 6 PRO in Pakistan:

MG 6 PRO is expected to be launched in Pakistan. Javed Afridi indicates the arrival of this automobile through his social media. As a matter of fact, Javed Afridi is the most experienced as well as skillful marketer regarding the Pakistani Automobile industry.


In his new Twitter post, he informed that the latest MG 6 PRO might be introduced in Pakistan. As the social media of Afridi as well as other Pakistani marketing experts Benefited Morris Garages (MG) to gain popularity in the automotive industry.

Details of MG 6 PRO:

Belonging to a compact family, MG 6 PRO is the c-segment car that might give tough time to Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. Recently, the Chinese market saw the launch of a fully re-structured MG 6 (3rd generation). Moreover, the company designed this automobile at the Pro-trim level other than a usual trim level.

Looks & Features:

The automobile has launched in China. However, the MG agency is waiting for the completed launch to reveal its features, specifications, and looks. Some of them are as follows:

  • More aggressive looks
  • Sportier interior structure
  • 5-liter turbocharged engine
  • 3- cylinder petrol
  • Horsepower – 180 Watt
  • Torque: 280 nm
  • Moreover, a fully digital instrument panel
  • Three-spoke steering wheel
  • Also contains modern-looking physical buttons

Pricing & Launch:

Although the company has not revealed the price tag and launch date of this latest MG 6 PRO in Pakistan so far. Let’s not rely on the hint of Javed Afridi. Because he indicated many automobiles previously that should’ve been launched in Pakistan by this time.

These cars include RX8 SUV, the Gloster SUV, the Extender pickup truck, MG 5 sedan, and the MG 3 hatchback.


As Pakistan is promoting a new policy of introducing small automobiles but revealing excessively exaggerated automobiles seems not a good business deal for Pakistan. So,   let’s see which market department Javed Afridi selects to entertain the audience next time.

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