Mobile Companies Still Deduct Tax on Mobile Cards| despite SC Orders

All Mobile Companies are Still Charging Tax on Mobile Cards- despite SC Orders

All Telecommunication Companies of Pakistan provides services to its prepaid and postpaid customers. As Jazz, Ufone, Warid, Telenor and Zong offers the best services for its precious customers. The service charges and taxes are heavily applied by all these telecommunication companies in Pakistan on all Mobile Card Load. These taxes are very high and deduct a large amount of balance. Recently Supreme Court of Pakistan suspended all Mobile Cards Taxes and Service Charges. But despite Supreme Court’s Order all mobile companies still deduct tax and service charges on all mobile cards.

Details of Mobile Companies Still Deduct Tax despite SC Orders

In a Sou Moto case under Supreme Court of Pakistan decided to suspend all taxes imposed on Mobile Cards load. Supreme Court said that taxes should only be deducted from those customers (rich people) who fall in the tax net. The poor people who does not fall in tax net how he/she can pay high charges of taxes.

All mobile phone companies in Pakistan are still charging taxes and service charges on Mobile Card Loads. Pakistan Supreme court ordered to suspend Mobile Cards Taxes and Service Charges on all cards. The tax charges by telecom companies, the Excise Duty and the taxes that are imposed by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) all are suspended by Supreme Court of Pakistan in last few days.

All mobile companies are still deduct taxes and service charges from its customers. Many people feels it a big problem because a huge amount of balance is deduct by these telecom companies. As if a customer charge Rs.100/- on prepaid mobile card then he/she received only 64 rupees and 38 paisa load that is illegal.

Supreme Court give the time of only 2 days to FBR and all mobile companies against heavy tax and service charges on all mobile cards. This order was issued to apply for at least 15 days but no mobile company follow that order of SC.

Wait for Written Document by SC

All companies are still awaiting for a written order from the Supreme Court. They said that a written document is most important to implement any order. In written document all the rules and regulations would be written in that document. All the specifics on how tax is not to be deducted will be written in that document.

Now the final decision will be done on next hearing in Supreme Court of Pakistan. After next hearing there will be take any strict action against all mobile companies.

Update: All Telecom companies i.e, Zong ,Jazz, Telenor and Ufone announced to give full balance or poora balance on load of any amount. From June,14th 2018 – 12 AM all customers will get complete balance for next 14 days. And after that new mechanism for taxes would be applied.

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