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Belonging to the literally the royalty, Momal Sheikh hardly needs an introduction. Acting runs in her blood and she has utilized that talent for the best. Momal got her debut in 2008 and then took a break. After she came back to the industry, she came back with a bang.

momal sheikh

From early in her career, Momal made it obvious to the audience and the critics that she had the talent and does not need the big names of her family to get her projects. She also broke the stigma around actresses losing their career when they get married.

So far, she has appeared in dozens of projects and each of them have been highly popular and successful. Here is her complete biography with a closer look at her career, her life and more.

Biography of Momal Sheikh


Momal Sheikh was born on 15th May, 1986 in Karachi, Pakistan. Currently, she is 35 years old and her zodiac sign is Taurus. She and her sibling were both born in Karachi, but they later moved to Okara where they spent their early childhood. However, they all came back to Karachi where she currently lives with her family and pursues her career.

She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall, which her considerably tall for Pakistani standards. Momal Sheikh is much respected in the industry and she has created a reputation based on her incredible acting talent and powerful performances.

Family and Parentage

Momal Sheikh is the daughter of famous Pakistani veteran actor Javed Sheikh. While Mr. Javed Sheikh is a world famous actor, producer and director, her mother is Zeenat Mangi. Zeenat Mangi, to this day, is a house wife and never had the ambition for acting or to have any other kind of career.

However, Momal comes from a family that has acting in their blood. Her paternal uncle is veteran actor and producer Saleem Sheikh. Another one of her uncles is legendary actor Behroze Sabzwari who is also known around the world for his fantastic acting skills.

Her cousin Shehroz Sabzwari is also a successful actor who has made his name in the industry early on. She has one older brother, Shahzad Sheikh who is also a popular and successful actor. Shahzad is very picky about the roles he choses and often only picks one project in a single calendar year.


Momal Sheikh received her early education from Okara and received the later half of her education from Karachi. Once her education was complete, Momal moved to London to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising from University of London.


Momal Sheikh remained out of controversies and always maintained a professional outlook. She made her debut and got a break in which she met and got married to Mohammad Nadir Nawaz in 2012. She has a son named Ibrahim and had a daughter in 200 whom they lovingly named Alyeha.

Becoming an Actress

Momal Sheikh made her actng debut in 2008 and then took a break of four years in which she got married and started her family. She made her comeback in 2012 and since then she has appeared in dozens of dramas, ads and a few films as well. Just like her brother, Momal is very picky about the projects she takes up.

Here are all the dramas she has appeared in.

Title Year Role
Yeh Zindagi Hai 2008 Jalebi
Mirat Ul Uroos 2012 Hamna
Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai 2013 Areba
Kadoorat 2013 Alina
Zara aur Mehrunnisa 2016
Silsilay 2018 Abeeha
Mein Tum Aur Woh
Khaas 2019
Yaariyan 2019 Sadia
Damsa 2019-2020 Saman
Mushq 2020 Mahak
Dil-e-Momin 2021 Ashi


Here are the movies she has appeared in.

Title Year Role Notes
Happy Bhaag Jayegi 2016 Zoya
Wujood 2018 Producer


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