5 Great Online Educational websites which provide Tools for Teachers and Students

In the recent era of learning and teaching, technology plays a very crucial role in the process of delivering and receiving education.

For students of all ages, it’s certainly natural to adopt the use of technology in every aspect of their lives.

As the world knows the education sector is continuously evolving to transform from the traditional methods of delivering and receiving education to the present digital classroom needs.
The key benefits of using online educational tools for teachers and students

From the student’s point of view:

  • It can give rise to student’s curiosity
  • Boost the engagement level between students and teachers
  • It can help in finding unique digital skills in students
  • It can help to remove the obstacles in between students and teachers like shyness, and lack of confidence
  • It can help in conveying every student own point of perceiving
  • It can help in writing assignment or thesis plagiarism-freeIt can help in generating new ideas and innovations while using online education tools.
  • From the teacher’s point of view:
  • Teachers can share their knowledge and educational material beyond the reach of classrooms
  • There is no limit or boundaries of how many students a teacher can teach or convey their message as compared to the traditional methods
  • It can help teachers to detect Plagiarized text in research papers or assignments
  • Teachers can monitor closely each and every student’s reports
  • Teachers can use great visuals to enhance their teaching practices
  • Teachers can teach their students even while traveling
  • Teachers can record their lectures for delivering it multiple times.

Thus looking at the benefits, the use of technology in the education sector is essential for enhancing relations between teachers and students, as well as strengthening the new ways of spreading knowledge and expertise.
Below given are the 5 great educational tools that can assist both the students and teachers to teach and learn in new ways.

5 Great Online Educational websites which provide Tools for Teachers and Students

Explain everything

Explain everything is an awesome tool to interact in the virtual classroom.

• This tool can be combined with other tools like dropbox, evernote, schoolwork, and many other useful apps
• It’s basically an interaction board similar to a whiteboard where students and teachers can explain each and everything while writing on it
• It helps in sharing thoughts and ideas from both the ends
• It creates a brilliant collaborative visual experience for students and teachers.

1. Storybird
Storybird is another famous tool that promotes writing and reading skills in students through storytelling experience.
• The teachers can easily create artistic books through this tool
• Further these stories can be shared on different social networks or get the print outs
• It allows the teachers to create projects and give instant feedback, reviews for further suggestions
• It allows the teachers to manage and organize classes and grades efficiently.
2. Prepostseo.com
The modern era of the Internet has given access to tons of online information where original content is becoming rare and rarer.

While writing long research papers at some point students use someone else’s thoughts without crediting the author which is in technical terms called plagiarism.
To check the plagiarism of any form of text, students and teachers can take the benefits of this tool.

• It’s a free online plagiarism checker for students with report, as well as for teachers
• Easy to use interface that is used by students, teachers, writers, and educational entities
• It supports multi-language thus anyone can get the desired results in his/her native language
• It helps in extracting data from all the popular digital formats such as PDF, .DOC, DOCX, .TXT and etc.
• It helps in eliminating or correcting grammatical errors that can cause credibility issues
• It in integrated with the latest programming of artificial intelligence, thus it auto-suggests descriptive words
• It shows a numeric percentage of how much a text is plagiarized
• It shows the exact word counts and shows the relevant source of copied text to match and further edit it manually
• It allows downloading the report for collaborating with students and teachers.
3. Educlipper
Educlipper is one of the greatest tools for finding online resources for educational material.

• It helps the teachers and students to find relevant resources related to any topic or phrases and share it with others
• It helps in researching efficiently and effectively
• Helps in monitoring student’s progress during any course
• It helps teachers to create a specific portfolio for every subject, class, or course where they can store all the activities carried out.
4. Kahoot
Kahoot is an interactive game-based learning tool.

• It helps teachers to build questionnaires and quizzes through games
• It helps in creating discussion groups while students are playing games
• It helps in creating surveys for students as they can respond to the surveys in the classrooms while they play games
• It boosts the engagement while creating dynamic learning and teaching fun environment.

5. Edmodo
Edmodo is a perfect tool to collaborate effectively between teachers, students, and parents.

• As being part of the digital classroom environment it gives us access to the library of the world’s largest educational network
• It helps to build connections with students, teachers, and people around the world
• It helps in monitoring and collaborating reports and progress of students with their parents
• It helps us in organizing different events, discussion groups, and parental information board
• Helps in creating separate classrooms space where students can enroll as per their personal preferences.


Some people find the technology as a distracting point like students use it for multi-tasking, yes it does has a multi-tasking feature, but using the right tools can certainly enhance the right use of time in a fun learning environment.
Looking at the benefits and the adoption of technology in our daily lives there is no use in fighting with this trend, everyone should acknowledge that technology is the friend of education.

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