Orient Offers a Lifetime Warranty on its Inverters


Orient has announced that its most solid and reliable DC Inverters, Ultron and Ultron Plus are now available with a Lifetime Warranty!

Come winters, come summers, the Ultron is the answer to all muggy, dry and extreme weather conditions. The Ultron is built with European grade compressor Technology and eco-friendly operation. Moreover, it diminishes electric consumption and work without disruption (low voltage) throughout the entire year.


Moreover, you can visit at Orient by clicking here if you need  to learn more about this amazing offer on the best DC Inverter Air Conditioner.

Register and Extend Your Warranty for Lifetime!

For registration for the extended warranty, the customer can visit Orient’s website at My Orient. Moreover, the customer will be required to provide the following information to complete registration for the extended warranty:

  • Name
  • Batch Number
  • Address
  • City
  • Mobile Number
  • Email

As soon as you submit the valid info successfully, hopefully, you will be registered. Furthermore, an SMS will be sent to you for successful registration. Moreover, a certificate of extended warranty from the company will be sent via email.

If somehow, the customer is not eligible for registration, the customer will be informed by the company that he/she is not entitled to Extended Warranty using the same mode of communication as used by a customer for the registration process.

Modes of Registration for Extended Warranty

There are different modes of registration for extended warranty.

Register via

The customer can message the information listed in the table above on the Orient page.

Note: Since its a limited time offer, it will expire on 28th February 2017. Furthermore, it is important that this information is not shared on the Facebook wall of the page and is only sent as a message to the page to protect the customer’s privacy. Moreover, Orient will not be responsible if the information is posted publically). Once the message has been received the registration process will be completed by a customer support staff. Moreover, the customer will be informed via Facebook on the success or failure of the registration process.

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