Pak’s First Braille Book Corner Opens – A Step Towards Better Future

Pakistan’s future not only depends on the people who are physically fit and absolutely normal but we have more talented people who are a handicap. If we look around, we get to know that these type of people have more special sense and abilities to work better than normal ones. The only need of the time is the facility, a facility by which they also can participate in the development of the country easily without any hurdle.

However, Pakistan took a step towards better future by giving the special attention to the people who are visually impaired. In the National Library of Pakistan at Islamabad, the first ever Braille Book corner has been opened by the name of Gosha-i-Noor. Louis Braille was the first person who introduced this Braille system for the special people and on his birthday this corner has been inaugurated.
Visually impaired people are not the weakness of our society by they should be treated confidently and cherish them a lot of their achievements. They need more facilities for the sake of better education which will ensure their better future for sure.

“Access to knowledge is the right of every human being and we will make all-out efforts to ensure the provision of this right to all the people especially those with disabilities to protect them from any sense of deprivation,” said Advisor to Prime Minister on National History and Literary Heritage (NH&LH) Irfan Siddiqui. He further said, “Fingers are known for writing only but reading with the help of fingers is an additional ability of the visually impaired people which we cannot find in the ordinary people.”

6 Braille book along with the copy of Holy Quran have been included in this corner which will be increased by the time. Furthermore, computer with the related software will also be added soon to upgrade the facilities.

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