Is it Prestige to have PSL Final in Lahore or Embarrassment?

PSL final match has to be played in Lahore Gaddafi Stadium or not?  It’s a question since Pakistan has come under continuous terror attacks. Different opinions are spread all over the country with a dilemma; Is it prestige to have PSL Final in Lahore or embarrassment? Still it’s a hot topic of the time. If we look back, we can easily conclude that since 2009 attack on Srilankan Cricket team Pakistan cricket is in exile. Even we are playing home matches too in UAE. Pakistan Super League also victimized of terror attacks in Pakistan eventually the whole event was organized in UAE considering the foreign stars security concerns.

Everything was moving in flow till Pakistan was not hit by attacks but unfortunately recalling our harsh memories of earlier attacks on foreign players wind up all the strong expectations for Pakistan Cricket future. The recent surge in terror, which include 10 terror attacks killed hundreds of people killed in Pakistan last month. Focusing on Lahore, where 2 blasts were cited just at the short distance from Gaddafi stadium which is undoubtedly meant to be spread fear.  The final should be held in Lahore is a question that became more ominous, the tournament organizers and the Pakistan Cricket Board left the verdict to the government. After high-level security meeting and reassurances from the army chief, the decision was taken to organize the final in Lahore.

U.K.-based Sunset and Vine – the production house handling the PSL broadcast – refused to cover the Lahore final match. Not only them but the firms that were giving coverage of match in UAE by using latest equipments including hawk-eye technology and spider cam have also decided to not partake in final at Lahore.

Late on Tuesday night the overseas players of Quetta Gladiators, the first team to qualify for Sunday’s final decided to not participate as well because of security concerns. Many international players are not comfortable to play in Pakistan. Adding to that, the panel of commentators headed by Danny Morrison and Ian Bishop also turned down.

Therefore summing up, with these circumstances Pakistan Cricket board is suffering through a pressure of how to manage this event in Lahore.  But still the question remains unanswered is, is hosting the final in Lahore is really a good decision?

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