PTA Should Reconsider Five SIM’s/CNIC Limit

pta-pakistansim-cardsDue to instability and terrorist activities throughout the country,  Government of Pakistan announced to take tough decisions. Along other orders bio-metric verification of SIM’s has been introduced and it became necessary to verify SIM’s through bio-metric system. And the sale of new SIM’s could only possible through bio-metric verification.

The whole exercise has been remained for almost six months and more than 1 crore SIM’s has been blocked due to non verification. Before bio-metric any one can get mobile SIM by submitting copy of their CNIC and after that SIM can be activated by dialing 789.

Now almost every one facing the problem when he/she need any new SIM because it’s not possible to get SIM if Five SIM’s are already registered against their CNIC. Not every family member can go to shop and register SIM. For this one or two family members register SIM’s for him/herself and for their other family members.

All mobile operators have their own 3G/4G wingle or other internet devices. To get these devices you need to get Data SIM or only Data SIM. And than problem arise when you don’t have any space to register SIM due to Five SIM limit.

The Five SIM’s/CNIC make sense when SIM was registered through by submitting a copy of CNIC, but now if Five SIM’s register against one CNIC through bio-metric or Ten doesn’t make any difference. It’s time to reconsider the limit and PTA should allow all Telecom operators to register more SIM’s.

Here is how the PTA can do it:

  1. Provide Data and Evidence:

  • Quantify the problem: How many people are impacted by the limitation? Are there statistics on denied data SIM requests due to the limit?
  • Highlight specific inconveniences: Mention real-life scenarios where the five SIMs limit creates difficulties, like families sharing internet devices or businesses needing additional lines.
  1. Offer Alternative Solutions:

  • Suggest a tiered system: Instead of a blanket increase, propose allowing additional SIMs based on specific criteria, like family plans, business needs, or verified reasons for exceeding the limit.
  • Promote responsible SIM ownership: Advocate for stricter verification, mandatory registration of all devices using SIMs, and harsher penalties for illegal activity to address security concerns.
  1. Address Security Concerns:

  • Acknowledge the government’s concern about misuse and terrorism. Assure that increasing the limit doesn’t undermine security by suggesting stricter verification and responsible SIM ownership measures.
  • Highlight the benefits of bio-metric verification: Emphasize how bio-metric verification helps identify and track down individuals misusing SIMs, making the system more secure than the old copy-based system.
  1. Broaden the Scope:

  • Go beyond data SIMs: Discuss how the limit affects other legitimate uses, like backup lines, emergency contacts, or separate lines for personal and professional use.
  • Consider economic impact: Mention how the limit might hinder digital inclusion and limit access to essential services for certain demographics.
  1. Call to Action:

  • Conclude with a clear call to action: urge the PTA to reconsider the limit based on your arguments and proposed solutions.
  • Suggest specific channels for engagement: provide contact information for the PTA or relevant authorities to encourage communication and advocacy.

By incorporating these suggestions, you can strengthen your argument, make your article more persuasive, and increase the chances of influencing the PTA to reconsider the five SIMs/CNIC limit.

Umer Kayani
Umer Kayani
is managing this blog and writing on a tech, mobile news/reviews and telecom news.


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