Rolex Watches Price in Pakistan 2024 Watches for Men & Women

Rolex offers a large selection of Professional and classic watch models to fit any wrist. Rolex watches symbolize innovation, prestige, performance, and excellence. And these watches are meticulously crafted from the finest materials.

Why is Rolex so Famous?

Many people consider Rolex to be the best among the major Swiss watchmakers. And without any doubt the most well-known luxury watch brand in the world is Rolex. Here are the reasons for fame of Rolex:

Un-Matched Quality

The extraordinarily excellent product quality that Rolex has maintained over the course of its many years in business is the foundation of its success. Rolex watches are reliable, strong, and accurate time tellers. It takes a certain kind of skill to maintain consistently good quality when producing an estimated three-quarters of a million pieces per year.

Amazing Features

The introduction of novel features by Rolex made the watch suitable for daily wear. The 1st water-resistant wristwatch was introduced in 1927, and two years later the automated winding mechanism developed since a watch’s water resistance shouldn’t depend on the wearer pulling the crown each day.

Long-Term Monetary Worth

When you purchase an automobile, its value immediately decreases by 50%. With the exception of Rolex, this fact is also true for watches. And for the popular sport versions made of stainless steel, it is possible to sell them for a bit less—or possibly more—than what you paid for them.

And any customer would find this appealing, whether they were purchasing the watch for this specific purpose or for any other. Furthermore, it’s comforting to know that you made the right choice.

Which Rolex watches became more expensive in 2022?

  1. Rolex Daytona (Yellow Gold case material)
  2. Rolex GMT-Master II
  3. Rolex Daytona (Platinum case material)
  4. Rolex Sky-Dweller
  5. Rolex Day-Date

Price of Rolex Watches in Pakistan

Models Price
Oyster Perpetual Explorer II-226570 Rupees 1,511,000
Lady Datejust (2021 Model) Rupees 6,207,000
Sky Dweller Rupees 4,503,000
GMT Master Rupees 4,307,000
Lady Datejust (2022 Model) Rupees 1,895,271
Cosmography Daytona Rupees 12,616,000
Two-Tone Submariner Green Rupees 3,663,000
Oyster Perpetual Explorer II-124273 Rupees 2,455,000

Rolex Watches 2023 Collection

Rolex has introduced its 2022 collection. And this collection consists of following models:

  1. DateJust 41
  2. Datejust 36
  3. Lady-Datejust
  4. Day-Date 40
  5. Air-King
  6. Yacht-Master 42
  7. GMT-Master II
  8. Datejust 31

Specifications of Rolex 2023 Models


The Air-King dial has an eye-catching black background and a mix of huge 3, 6, and 9 numerals for the hours, along with a notable minute scale for reading navigational time. Moreover, it carries the label Air-King in the same format that was created especially for the model in the 1950s.

Use of Oystersteel

Oystersteel is used in its steel case, and amazingly resistant, once polished, produces a superb finish, and keeps its attractiveness even under the roughest conditions. Additionally it has an Easylink comfy extension link and the Oysterlock foldable clasp, which prevents unintentional opening. Additionally with the help of this innovative system, the bracelet’s length may be increased by about 5 mm, giving the wearer more ease in any situation.


The calibre 3230 fitted on the new-generation Air-King. This movement was manufactured and developed by Rolex in 2020. And this self-winding movement provides exceptional functionality in terms of accuracy, power reserve, shock and magnetic field resistance, reliability and convenience.

Day-Date 40

When the Day-Date was first introduced in 1956, it was the first timepiece to display the day of the week in full.


The ice-blue dial of Rolex platinum is its exclusive and distinctive signature. For the best timepieces, Rolex employs platinum, the finest of metals. Only the Day-Date and the Cosmograph Daytona have these unique dials.


Latest high technology is used in the production, development, and design of Rolex clasps and bracelets. Additionally, with all of the watch’s components, the human eye’s aesthetic judgments ensure flawless beauty. The semi-circular three-piece links of the President bracelet were designed in 1956 for the release of the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date.

Yacht-Master 42

This watch’s polished raised graduations and numerals, along with its bidirectional rotatable sixty-minute graduated bezel with a matte black Cerachrom, perfectly complement the dial. Because of its waterproof and durable features this model is the best watch for sailing and water sports.


The new Oysterflex bracelet for the Yacht-Master, patented and developed by Rolex, provides a sporty substitute to metal bracelets. A flexible blade made of a titanium and nickel alloy connects the bracelet to the Oysterlock safety clasp and watch case. Additionally the Oysterflex bracelet’s interior features a revolutionary longitudinal cushion mechanism that improves comfort and stabilizes the watch on the wearer’s wrist.

GMT-Master II

This model has a black dial and a Cerachrom two-color bezel insert made of black and green ceramic. The GMT-Master II, which created to concurrently display the time in two distinct time zones during international flights, now renowned for its durability and versatile design.


The GMT-Master II, like other Rolex watches, offers great legibility in all conditions, but notably at night owing to its Chromalight display. The simple hour markers, such as circles, triangles and rectangles, and the broad hands are filled with a luminescent substance that emits a long-lasting illumination.
The crown and crown guard are located on the left side of the watch case on this new edition of the timepiece. The Cyclops lens and the date aperture are at nine o’clock.

Lady-Date Just

The exquisite shape of the 28 mm Oyster case with a diamond-set bezel is highlighted by light reflections on the lugs and case sides. The Lady-Datejust, a timeless piece for women from Rolex, descended from the Datejust, a model known for its elegance and precise timekeeping.


The watch is enhanced and the wearer is mesmerized by the shimmering symphony of the diamond-paved dials. Gem-setters meticulously carve the valuable metal in order to shape the seat in which every gemstone would be properly lodged. In addition to the inherent beauty of the stones, a number of other factors, including accurate alignment of gems height, strength, and the regularity add to the attractiveness of the gem-setting on Rolex watches.

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