Rumors About Samsung Fold-able Smartphones | Switch From Smartphone to Samsung Fold-able Smartphones

Samsung has been one of the most admired mobile manufacturers, although it has faced many ups and down in the previous session. However, it’s somewhat weird to see the hype for Samsung’s upcoming leads. Meanwhile, there is a great deal of cool stuff out there. After all, it had been quite common to have broad screens and enlarged displays. Right now we are going to unveil the unexpected gadget. “ Fold-able Smartphones

Rumors About Samsung Foldable Smartphones

Fold-able Smartphones

Yes…….! A foldable smartphone will be going to be one of the prominent launches by Samsung. As reported by The Korea Herald and ETNews, both Samsung and LG are reportedly preparing foldable smartphones. Moreover, it is believed that these foldable smartphones will hit the market later in the year. Both these Projects have been named as “Galaxy X” and “Project Valley”, respectively.

According to the report, Samsung is working on a phone plus tablet combination. To make it a foldable gadget it will have a hinge in the middle. The phone will be used to house a 7-inch tablet. It also incorporates an external display for convenience. According to the resources, over hundred thousand units of the device are under production.

According to the report, the most important thing is the time of completion of the project and its launch. Samsung is worried and has the fear of losing the moniker of “world’s first foldable smartphone” to a Chinese company, many of which are already working on their own solutions.

LG is also working on the same project. Moreover, it is said that LG could launch the same number of devices by the fourth quarter. Since both companies have been working on similar technologies for long, so it perhaps won’t be too out of the ordinary to expect a limited roll out later in the year.

Furthermore, Bloomberg reported that such a product was to be shown at the MWC in Barcelona, but we know such a thing did not happen. Up till now, the launch of such devices is quite controversial. Moreover, for all we know, it might not even happen.

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