Safeguard Mocks Imran Khan in New TVC

Procter & Gamble’s antibacterial soap Safeguard made the new short film Jungle Main Mungle for kid’s entertainment as a part of product marketing strategy. Safeguard are making these kind of TVC or short cartoon animated movies to teach children’s for health related issues.

In newly launched short cartoon animation, Safeguard mocks PTI chairman Imran Khan. The cartoon TV reporter are reporting from Dirtoo chowk, this is same like D-Chowk. But here the name of Chowk is Dirtoo Chowk and the germs are protesting in front of container and chanting Go Dirtoo Go. The cartoon reporter are saying the germs giving Dharna and demanding that the Dirtoo should step behind from the germs kingship because he is losing again and again from commander safeguard. And than reporter says, the commander Dirtoo came out from the container and the DJ is playing the background music same like DJ Butt. Than Dirtoo address with germs and says i know you all are angry with me.The whole story are based upon Dharna of PTI in 2014, which remains at D-Chowk Islamabad for 126 days. At social media people are discouraging this kind of TVC and asking for the boycott of safeguard soap. At twitter the hash tag #BoycottSafegaurd are trending.

Umer Kayani
Umer Kayani
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