Samsung Galaxy S22 Rumors: Release Date, Price, Camera, Specs & Availability

The rumors about Samsung Galaxy S22 and its subsequent smartphones in the same series are everywhere. Much like every other flagship smartphone by the South Korean brand, the S22 series is expected to have three models and many new upgrades regarding the camera and performance specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S22

The rumor mill got fast when Samsung revealed the much-awaited Galaxy S21 FE. Soon after that, we started hearing more news regarding the much coveted Samsung Galaxy S22 and its rumored release date or its rumored specifications.

Here is everything we know so far about the upcoming flagship smartphone, including its release date and its camera specification among other things.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Rumors

It is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will come with three smartphones, the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra. Another major rumor regarding the flagship smartphone is that it will come with the very first S Pen support, Android 12 and multi camera upgrades.

Release Date Rumors

Last year, Samsung revealed the Samsung S21 smartphone and its lineup in January, so it is expected that the new flagship will be announced sometime this year as well. Samsung works on a 12 month schedule when it wants to release something big, which means the possibilities of the announcement is very close.

However, there are rumors that the smartphone line up might get pushed back to March, but according to some leaks, it is suspected that the Galaxy S22 would be revealed during the scheduled Samsung Unpack Event on 8Th February, 2022.

Screen Size and Battery Rumors

There is a rumor that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series might get a smaller display size than its predecessors. According to one trusted source, it is rumored that the galaxy S22 will get a 6.01 inch touchscreen, the Galaxy S22 Plus might get a 6.55 inch touch screen and the Galaxy S22 Ultra might get the biggest 6.81 inch touchscreen.

As for the battery, it is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will get a 3800 mAh battery while the Galaxy S22 Plus 4000 mAh battery. According to another rumor, the Galasy S22 Ultra will get a 5,000 mAh battery, as it is expected to be the highest and most sought after smartphone from the lineup.

Camera, Android and Charging

The Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup is expected to come with 65watt charging support, while it will support faster charging than its predecessors. It is also expected that the series will be able to charge the phone to 70 percent in just 35 minutes. But as always, it is all rumors at the moment.

The smartphones will carry Qualcomm Snapdragin chips and Exynos processors. It is expected that it will carry Snapdragon 895 and Exynos 2200. The possibilities of the smartphones to get a dedicated AMD hardware are very high.

Announced in the June of this year, the Android 12 will also be likely added to the smartphones. Other features included will be Samsung Play, Bixby Virtual Assistant Software and Samsung Health. The smartphones are expected to have refresh rate of 120Hz.

As for the camera specifications, the rumors around town are that at least one smartphone in the galaxy S22 series will have a 200MP camera. These rumors are fueled by Samsung as they released a teaser of a smartphone with 200MP camera.

It is rumored that the Galaxy S22 might come with a 12-megapixel ultrawide and two 10-megapixel telephoto lenses with a 3x and 10x zoom and OIS support. The main camera is expected to have continuous optical zoom for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The other smartphones are expected to have 50MP lenses.

Rumored Price of Samsung Galaxy S22

The cost of the new series will likely be expensive, but market gurus say something else. The previous lineups in the S series by Samsung didn’t do that well, especially because of its high price. Because of this, Samsung cut the price of the S21 series and bright it down to $800 as compared to S20 which was released at a price of $1000.

It is expected that the new S22 series will also be undercut and have a slightly cheaper price. However, gurus have given the indication that the Samsung Galaxy S22 and its subsequent smartphones will carry the same price as the S21 series.

Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer
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