This Ramzan, Get Samsung and Nokia Smartphones at Cheap Prices


Samsung and Nokia Reduces the Prices of SmartPhones as Ramzan Gift

In the holy month of the Ramzan, two famous Pakistan Mobile Phone companies named, Samsung and Nokia give an exciting gift. Both announced to reduce the prices of SmartPhones due to this month. The discount is announced in Galaxy J series and on Nokia 1-8 series.

Samsung and Nokia Smartphones:

Nokia and Samsung are probably the two most famous mobile companies in the world. When we say about buttoned mobile phones, the Nokia phones were unbeatable. They have recently introduced their smartphone which is really unpredictable. They were the market leader and they make a very late entry in the industry. However, they are working hard to become a leader again. On this beautiful occasion, Nokia reduces the actual prices of its smartphone for its customers.

No doubt, Samsung is a leader in Smartphone and its quality and sale are increasing by every passing day. Indeed, The J series and S series is probably the most successful series. It is predicted that more than half people in Asia are using Samsung smartphones. To make this Ramzan more beautiful, Samsung reduces the rates of J series smartphones.

Nokia SmartPhones Prices:

The HD global is a Pakistani licensed company. This company has the authority to sell the smartphone in Pakistan. Due to the start of Ramzan, they have announced to reduce the prices of the smartphones. Almost, the discount will be ranging from 5 hundred to 14 thousand rupees. So, get your exciting Nokia smartphone now and save money. On Nokia 8, they offer a huge amount of discount of 13,000.

Model Actual Price Reduced Price (Discount)
Nokia 1  10,900  9,250
Nokia 2  12,470  11,920
Nokia 5  19,500  17,650
Nokia 6  24,950  19,990
Nokia 6-1  29,000  21,735
Nokia 8  49,900  35,990

Samsung SmartPhones Prices:

On the other hand, Samsung also decided to reduce the prices of exciting Samsung J series. Indeed, J series is the most successful series of Samsung and one can get best at this Ramzan due to this offer. The Samsung smartphones are based on Android OS which is user-friendly and easy to use. Furthermore, they offer a reasonable discount on Galaxy J7 Pro which is super exciting phone of J7 series (extended version).

Model Actual Price Reduced Price (Discount)
Galaxy J7 Core  23,999 18,999
Galaxy J Prime  22,999  18,999
Galaxy J7 Pro  34,999  28,999


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