“Say No to Bad Touch” – Kids Awareness Video by Knorr

The recent issue of Zainab Rape and murder case made little bit alert the nation to stand against child abuse. Child kidnapping, rape, and murders are happening for many years but now the recent incident of Kasur went viral and encourage people to make awareness in kids about good and bad touch.

Talking about rape and such intentions of the stranger to our kids is taboo in our society which caused so much damage in recent years and due to unawareness kids don’t share anything like this. Many celebrities rise voice to give proper education about this issue to kids and talk with them without hesitation. Meanwhile, now Knorr has contributed its part through its ad to make kids aware of the good and bad touch of anyone.

This is the need of time that parents should aware their kids by forming any story, by giving someone’s example or showing them the informative videos, again and again, to let them remind it. There are many ways to educate kids regarding this issue. The Knorr ad beautifully communicates with kids which parents won’t find uncomfortable for kids.

At least, parents should give all the possible information to kids so that they can be conscious in public place or gatherings. Furthermore, parents should also be cooperative enough to understand what their kids are trying to explain and trust them. Don’t ever scold them on any discussion like this, otherwise, they will feel hesitate in sharing anything with you which might let them in trouble. In case of any inappropriate situation, parents should act immediately and don’t bring social pressure on to kids.

Let your and other kids educate and empower by giving them the all possible information to make them secure and guide them how to react in any situation like this.

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