Court Allowed Army Wing, SCO to run 3G-4G Trials in GB


SCO to run 3G-4G Trials in GB – Allow Private Organizations to Provide Services

The court accepts the petition of SCO to run 3G-4G Trials in GB. The court upholds the Telecom regulatory body to permit other private organizations to run such services in the area.

Special Communication Organization (SCO) filed a petition.The SCO was founded in 1979 for the development, management, and maintenance of the telecommunication services in the AJK and GB. They propose the petition to take the permission from the court SCO to run 3G-4G Trials in GB. SCO filed a petition on 18th April 2018. It was filed under the article 71 of GB Empowerment and self-governance order 2009. The petition was filed to challenge to the PTAs for issuing the cellular network license. This aim of this is to introduce the cutting edge technology, 3G, and 4G in the underdeveloped and mountains region of the Gilgit Baltistan.

What Decision:

The case runs under the supervision of two judges of the GB Chief court named, Justice Haq Nawaz and Justice Muhammad Umar. Judges accept the petition failed by SCO to run 3G/4G services in GB. A point to be noted is that Zong already has the license from May 5 to launch the 3G and 4G services in the GB. However, the whole cellular network transmission and management will all be under the control of SCO. The judges also asked the PTA to allow other private organization to run 3G and 4G services in GB.

Why Petition Filed:

The SCO mentioned in the petition, they have to bear the loss of almost 1 billion per year due to the restriction of 3G and 4G services in GB. Due to this loss, the government has to bear all of its expenses. Remember, the users of the region had complained much time for the poor services and slow speed of the SCO’s internet services. They demanded to allow the private organizations to run the fast internet services in the region. After that, the court allowed SCO to run 3G-4G Trials in GB

However, the court asked the auction to provides the comments to complete the petition. AN authority body said that “the court will announce the decision after receiving the comments”. Indeed, this is a positive initiative for the development of GB. This will allow the region to grow like other regions of the country.

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