Security Flaw in Mobicash Mobile Account Cash Deposit

Mobicash is branch less mobile banking service by Mobilink Pakistan is currently at number two position afted Telenor Easypaisa. In term of market size and total revenue generation. Mobicash also have Mobile account like Telenor Easypaisa in which customers can deposit cash directly into their account and later they can do different transactions, i.e to send money, to pay utility bills or any other. Mobicash mobile account can be opened in seconds by dialing *786# from your Mobilink number.

But there are one flaw in Mobicash reported by retailers. Due to that flaw retailers Mobicash account was suspended many times and after that their account has been terminated permanently.

In order to recharge Mobicash mobile account customer give their mobile number; in Mobicash the mobile number is the mobile account number and in Telenor Easypaisa the mobile number plus one more digit at end of number is Easypaisa account number. When customers ask for Mobicash mobile account deposit they give their number and retailers deposit into their given numbers.

But problem arrive when customer doesn’t give their number accurately or by mistakenly retailer write it wrong. Than if other entered number has Mobile account all money deposited into their’s, there are no USSD pin for confirmation. In Easypaisa if you give your number for mobile account deposit than you received Pin code which you tell retailer in order to deposit the cash. But in Mobicash firstly the mobile number is the account number and secondly, there are no pin for confirmation.

Retailers told they have mistakenly send money to some other numbers and their account has been terminated. He further said Mobilink should adopt Telenor Easypaisa security features to avoid from mishaps.


There are different charges on money transfer from Mobicash agent to Mobicash Mobile Account. But if there are no pin system like Telenor than, anyone can directly deposit into Mobicash Mobile Account and they can by pass any charges. If you are sending money to Mobicash Mobile Account from shop than you will be charged as per schedule of charges. But you can by pass it by asking retailers to deposit cash in number which want to send money.

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