Shilpa Shetty Criticized for Sharing the Video of Dance in Iftar Party


People Trolls Shilpa Shetty Criticized for Disrespecting the Ramzan

A renowned Indian actress Shilpa Shetty criticized by people for dancing in Iftar party. A video shared on social media regarding the Iftar put Shilpa in great trouble. People troll her for violating the respect of Ramzan specifically Iftar.

Although Ramzan is the holy month for the Muslims and they do Iftar after fasting whole day. But it is becoming more trending that the non-Muslims also take participate in Iftar parties. Even they are not fasting and they don’t even respect the Ramzan. The non-Muslim celebrities do such things just for gaining the attention and fame. The celebrities violate the respect of Ramzan and do unethical things during such religious events. one example of this is Shilpa Shetty’s Iftar party.

Whole Incident:

A video has been shared on social media site in which Indian actress is doing iftar with some friends. A huge amount of dishes can be seen in front of them. Despite respecting the Ramzan, these girls were continuously making fun of each other. The video shows that how the girls were tasting different dishes. When they start eating the dish named Aflatoon, they start dancing. Behind them, a song was also played. The song was related to the dish name from Akshay Kumar’s movie song Aflatoon. The video clearly shows that how these girls are making fun of Ramzan and Iftar. Indeed, Iftar is not only the name of eating dishes. Instead, it is religious obligation and Sunnah which requires much more respect.

People’s Reaction:

The mix reaction of the people has been seen on the social media. Some people criticized Shilpa for not respecting the Ramzan. the majority of the criticizers are Muslims. However, some non-Muslim people also troll her for disrespecting someone’s religious eve. Some neutral people asked her to take off this video from social media as it spread hate among different religions. Although they also admit that, it’s not a big deal in their religion but it’s wrong for others. Some negative thinker admires her for such actions.

However, whatever the circumstances were, she should not disrespect the Ramzan in such way. Even if she does so, she should not share such stuff on social media site. The renowned celebrates are an example for people as many people follow them. The wrong usage of power against Ramzan and politics is really condemning. It would be better for her not to share such stuff and to delete this video also.

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