Tania Aidrus | Biography, Age, Education & Family

Tania Aidrus or Tania Adrees is one of the most adored personalities of Pakistan. Tania spent most of her life abroad and got all the hype due to her vision of transforming Pakistan digitally. This section is going to encompass Tania Aidrus biography, Tania Aidrus Age, education, and more.

Tania Aidrus Biography

She was a former Google executive and Chief Digital Officer. Whenever she got a chance, she always represented Pakistan globally. The lady resigned from the post due to a controversy regarding her citizenship. Born and raised in Pakistan, Tania left for her higher studies in America. The glamorous Tania is renowned for not blindly following the Brain-Drain trend while living and working in the US. She left the job and returned to the country to help Pakistan with what she has learned there.


Tania Aidrus Date of Birth

She was born in Islamabad Pakistan on 24 September 1980. In 2021, the fabulous Tania celebrated her 41st birthday.

Tania Aidrus Height, Weight

The height of adorable Tania is 5 feet and 5 inches. She weighs 56 kilograms. The color of her eyes is Dark Brown, hair color is black with a curly texture.

Tania Aidrus Family

The father of Tania was a successful businessman and the mother was a housewife. She was unmarried. There is no information available regarding her siblings.

Tania Aidrus Education

From the very start, she studied in the top schools of the country. Later on, she got her bachelors’ degree from Brandeis University is located in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. Furthermore, she did her MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management. Additionally, she wrote a case study on her country, Pakistan by availing the MIT platform.

Tania Airdus Career

  • In 1999, Tania moved to the US with the mission to make Pakistan famous internationally. She lived abroad for 20 years. During her stay, she never missed a chance to represent her country globally. Initially, she worked in a health diagnosis company as a co-founder in the “Click Diagnostic.” The sole purpose of the company was to connect people from underprivileged areas with doctors.
  • Also, she worked as a Director, PRODUCT, AND Payment (DPP) for the Next billion users. She served as a leader in the Global Business Organization of a multinational company of Google. Later on, she moved to Singapore with the vision to start the Google business in her native country. She was the reason that Facebook, WhatsApp, and other google related apps started to get hype in Pakistan. Although, she was struggling much still she was not satisfied with the efforts that she was putting for the progress of the country. She always wanted Pakistan to be known as one of the houses of innovation and advancement.
  • Moreover, she served as a Research Assistant at First Consulting Group in Booz Allen Hamilton.
  • During the tenure of Prime Minister Imran Khan, she contacted one of the members of the PTI government. She emailed the aforementioned person and this lead her to directly discuss her ideas with Imran Khan. Imran Khan adored her vision for a better Pakistan and insisted her to come back to the country and work for its betterment by staying here. Finally, in 2018 she left her job as a Google executive and moved to Pakistan.
  • Lead Digital Pakistan is a campaign initiated by the techie. The aim of the campaign was to alleviate digitalization in Pakistan. Imran Khan requested her to provide support to the country in this concern.

  • Also, she is among one of the founding members of the ClickDiagnostics. ClickDiagnostics is an online health platform that enables polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Molecular biology testing outside the traditional laboratories.
  • The lady holds strong enthusiasm and is determined to convert the Islamic State of Pakistan into a digital state. She became popular in Pakistan after her Speech in a ceremony related to the digitalization of the country.

Lesser Known Facts About Tania Aidrus

  • Tania spares most of her life by living abroad. She studied the most famous institutes in the world.
  • She met Imran Khan on January 10 to discuss the procedure of digitalization of Pakistan.
  • She is a prominent figure in launching various Google products in the country.

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