Top 5 Best Medical Universities /Colleges in Karachi


More than half of the Pakistani students want to become doctors. But in the country its never been easy to become doctor. Because one has to go through long tough process to become a doctor. However studying and choosing a good or appropriate institute for medical studies one has to be aware of the top medical institutes. Here is the list of top five best universities / colleges in the Karachi:

Dow International Medical College, Karachi:

Dow International Medical College, Karachi, is the public sector medical institute situated in the Karachi. Dow International Medical College focuses on producing the true practitioners of the medical services. Moreover the institute offers doctoral programmes of all the disciplines. It is the top most medical university in the Karachi.

Fee Structure of Dow International Medical College, Karachi:

The fee structure of DIMC has not been updates online, therefore to get the information visit the campus of DIMC.

Sindh Medical College, Karachi:

Sindh Medical College, PMDC recognized institute aims to produce the best medical practitioners and researchers in the world by providing them high quality education. Its one of the leading medical institutes in the country.

Fee Structure of Sindh Medical College, Karachi:

  • Rs. 29000/-

Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences , Jamshoro:

LUMHS aims to come up with high achievers and to attain a prominent place in the country and internationally.

Fee Structure of LUMHS:

1st Year: Rs. 42,000/-

2nd Year: Rs. 27,000/-

3rd Year: Rs. 27,000/-

4th Year: Rs. 27,000/-

5th Year: Rs. 27,000/-

Chandka Medical College, Larkana:

Chandka Medical College claimed to be the serious need and is the fourth Medical College of the province.

Fee Structure of Chandka Medical College, Larkana:

  • Rs. 5000/- per Year

Karachi Medical & Dental  College, Karachi:

The institute is well known for its amazing teaching and research methodology. The medical institute aims to initiate cange for the cause of good.

Fee Structure of Karachi Medical & Dental  College, Karachi:

Fee for Merit Students: Rs. 65,000/-

Fee for Self Finance Students: Rs.417,000/-

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