TOP 5 popular directions in IT that students choose

Congratulations On choosing the most desirable market to step into a professional career. With the rise of internet based services and companies, the demand for IT professionals are at an all time high. The supply of employees is never enough to nullify the demands in the IT industry. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 popular careers you can have as an IT student who more often than not gets called out to Do My Homework Now.

TOP 5Here are the top 5 popular careers given below with details.

1. Software Development

Softwares is everywhere. From your internet browser to music player, we all surrounded by software. The most lucrative job for an IT student in software development. While you may not get a senior role as a fresher, your chances of learning and promotions are only limited by your ability. A software developer can be anything between a UI/UX developer to architect.

A software developer in the US earns more than $110,000 per year on an average. The software industry is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years as it has been for the last decade. As every company is looking for software solutions for their day-to-day operation, your chances of getting a suitable job only increases every year.

2. Technical Support

Development is only a fraction of the story. To develop a software, developers need a team to support their code. IT students often make themselves comfortable with technical support. Making the clients understand what’s possible and what isn’t, testing the software, providing feedback, automating the testing cycles, everything comes under technical support.

A tester earns more than $55,500 every year. The industry only expected to grow more with the rise of remote work. As more and more businesses take online approaches, they’d employ a higher number of support executives in the coming years.

3. Web Development

May be the most sought out post by employers. Every company needs a team of web developers in 2022. If your skills support your ambitions, getting into web development could the best bet right now. Working as a web developer would mean that you’d be responsible for the company’s online face. You’d have to manage their website, design the interface, develop the backend, and implement server logic.

As an IT student, it not expected of you to dominate all of these, mastering at least one of them would be enough. But there are employees, who have conquered their skills to a point where nothing surprises them. To compete with them, you need to raise your bars to their level.

A senior web developer’s salary was almost $77,000 in 2020. Which only expected to go higher.

4. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for building up an online security regime for the company. With ransomware and malware attacks on the rise, demand for well trained cybersecurity experts is only increasing. To get started with cybersecurity, an IT student needs to learn software and web development first. The industry believed to grow more than 30% over the next year. Thanks to the remote jobs.

As the employees are continuously diminishing the barrier between personal and work devices, the risk of cyberattacks are all time high. An IT cybersecurity expert earns around $100,000 for their services to secure our personal data.

5. Cloud Solution

Cloud computing and cybersecurity go hand in hand. Hackers try to attack on cloud platforms to breach the security of the company. When we are talking about cloud solutions, we are talking about implementation and management of cloud based services like Azure and AWS. As with cybersecurity, you expected to code your way into cloud development. A whopping $100,000 and a growth estimate of 27% is waiting for you.

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