Top 5 Ramadan Apps: Must Download Android Apps


The holy month Ramadan is coming to shower its blessings on Muslims just after few days. It is best time to get yourself purely devoted to God by fasting and praying as much as you can. While turning the pages of history we will see people keep themselves indulged with books to refer for Ramadan prayers especially but nowadays through mobile we can get everything handy. We are listing here top 5 android apps all you need for this Ramadan either for Salah or related to cooking.

  1. Qibla Compass: Know the direction of Qibla

    Qibla Direction
    Qibla Compass: Know the direction of Qibla

There is no need to worry if you are not at home. If you have this app in your mobile then when you are uncertain about the Qibla let this prayer timer and compass help you locate the Qibla this will send you push notifications before each prayer.

  1. iQuran: Almost in 38 languages


It is an app which is modern and innovative version of quran applications that is optimised by retina display. It covers total of 38 languages. iQuran has become the most preferred app among Muslims. A verse can be shared by SMS, email, Twitter and Facebook just on a click.

  1. InstaDeen: Share Quotes

During this month you must loving sharing photos with quotes regarding Ramadan. Through this app you can do share Quranic verses, ahadith and supplications.

insta deen
InstaDeen: Share Quotes
  1. Ramadan Recipes: Healthy Cooking

This month brings blessings of Iftar with it which is best time of sitting together and serving your loved one. Here we are sharing an app, features a bundle of popular and healthy Ramadan recipes. These recipes include a vast category; pre-dawn meals, dinners, meat and fish, side dishes, and desserts.

Ramadan Recipes: Healthy Cooking
  1. Zabihah: Locate Nearby Restaurants 

A useful app for food lovers is Zabihah that locates nearest restaurants, markets and mosques for your ease. You can view restaurant timings, prices and availability of tables just within no time.

Zabihah: Locate Nearby Resturants
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