Ufone 4G Snack Video Weekly offer|Sub Code & Price

In 2022, SnackVideo is ranked among the top video-sharing services. People can use it to share their videos with their loved ones, friends, and admirers. But what if using Snackvideo on prepaid or postpaid sim networks in Pakistan is too expensive? The biggest network in Pakistan, Ufone, is well aware of what its users require. The Ufone Weekly Snack Video Package was thus introduced for its prepaid 2G, 3G, and 4G users. Here you can find information about the package’s price, subscription, free MBS, and validity period.

Ufone 4G Snack Video Weekly offer 2022

Ufone’s prepaid sim users can subscribe to the Ufone Weekly Snack Video Offer for the incredibly low price of just Rs. 70.00. To utilize the Snack Video app on mobile devices, you are currently only entitled to 2.5 GB (2500 MB) of free Ufone internet. However, the promotion is only good for a week. Therefore, read the directions below if you want to subscribe to this greatest snack video bundle on your mobile device right away.

How to subscribe Ufone Weekly Snack Video Package?

From your mobile device, dial the subscription number code *265# for the Ufone 4G Snack Video package and click the submit request button. Following that, the service must wait a short while to process the request. You will soon get an SMS confirming the service.

You’ve successfully signed up for the 7-day Ufone Weekly SnackVideo Offer Package. This week’s Ufone internet promotion package is only good for seven days. Additionally, users can dial the status check string code *706# to see how many megabytes of this weekly snack video internet bundle is left.

Ufone 4G Snack Video Weekly Package details

Package Price Rs. 70 (Load)
Internet Data 2.5GB
Validity 07 Days


Terms and conditions

  • Only SnackVideo data is available with the Weekly Snack Offer, which includes 2500 Mbs of internet connection.
  • After the Snack MBs are consumed, they are charged at the Ufone Standard rate.
  • Once a week, subscribe to this bundle; if MBS is finished, first unsubscribe the bundle, then reactivate it.
  • After the initial seven days, the bundle’s subscription ends.
  • The Terms & Conditions shall apply.
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Amna Ansar
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