Smart Number Plate Introduced in Pakistan to Control Vehicles Theft

A New Smart Number Plate for Controlling Vehicles Theft

It is a great news for the citizens of Pakistan that a Smart Number Plate has been introduced for controlling the Vehicles Theft in the country. The Federal Government of Pakistan take many big decisions against Vehicles Theft in the country. The vehicles that are used in terrorism and other crimes can be identify through this smart number plate. It would be the first security maintaining smart number plate introduced in Islamabad for the public of Pakistan. The purpose of this smart number plate System is to reduce the criminal activities involving vehicles by the Excise and Taxation Department.

Details about Smart Number Plate against Vehicles Theft

Aftab Akbar Durani the Chief Commissioner of Islamabad said that it is a new Smart Number Plate that would be linked to Safe City Cameras. The smart number plates being processed by computers and would be connected with the cameras as a part of the Safe Cities Project. Safe City project has enabled to trace down criminal cases as well as by giving timely information to police department. There will be an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system into the plates that will make these plates readable as well as track able by the linked cameras.

He said that if the vehicle has been steal or crashed in an accident then it can be traced by Safe City Cameras. There are many non-custom, tempered and smuggled vehicles in Islamabad all these vehicles will not be used and also be kept in record through smart number plate System. This smart number plate will not only be reflective but also consists of many special security features. If this plate has any fault during five years then the Pakistani citizens can get a New smart number plate free of cost.

Muhammad Bilal Azam the Director Excise Islamabad said that the Online Token System has also been introduced and there is also a Fool Proof Security System against the transfer of Non Registered Vehicles in the country. He also said that we signed an agreement against Online Token System to NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) and also starting the Bio Matric Attestation System for vehicles transfer.

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