Warid 4G LTE Postpaid Internet Packages


Now you can use the high speed internet the way you want to. You pick the rentals, you choose the benefits and you decide the amount of mobile internet you want to consume. Choose a plan and begin to experience mobile internet like never before!

Dial *400# to check if you are in the Warid Internet coverage area

Monthly Value 200 750MB
Monthly Smart 300 1.5GB
Monthly Big Internet 500 5GB
Monthly Super Bucket 800 8GB

Terms & Conditions

  • In order to use LTE services, your mobile handset & SIM should be LTE supported. To get your LTE SIM please visit your nearest Warid Business centre or franchise.
  • Call Warid helpline 321 or visit your nearest Warid Business Centers to avail this service.
  • Internet Bundles are available on all Postpaid price plans.
  • LTE bundles can be consumed in both 2G and LTE networks. Best possible LTE speed will be offered in LTE network.
  • Default rate:Usage without subscribing to bundles will be charged at Rs. 5 / MB
  • Additional usage after bundles are consumed will be charged at 20 Paisa / MB (valid till bundle end date)
  • Security deposit is required depending upon the plan subscribed and internet bundle selected
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