YAMAHA YBR125 Motor Bike: Powerful and Elegant Features


Recently YAMAHA Motors operationlize it’s manufacturing unit in Pakistan. And launched it new Powerful and Aggressive Street Machine, Yamaha YBR125 Motor bike. This new bike comes up with cool features and with elegant design to fulfill your dreams. Check out the amazing features and specifications.

YAMAHA YBR125 Motor Bike Features

124cc engine with excellent combustion efficiency


The proven 124cc SOHC single-cylinder engine used on a total production of five million units is adopted. It is an engine born of thorough development efforts in the areas of intake efficiency, combustion efficiency and reduction of horsepower loss.

A balancer that increases riding comfort


Fitting the engine with this single-axis balancer reduces the vibration felt in the handlebars, seat and footpegs. This ensures a more comfortable ride. Since engine vibration is the product of inertial forces generated by the reciprocating motion of the piston and connecting rod, the crankshaft is fitted with counterweights known as the crank web to re-direct the vibration. Although this serves to divide and re-direct the vibration, it is difficult to reduce overall vibration with the crank web alone..

Sporty 5-speed transmission


The transmission on this model is a 5-speed return type. The shift sequence is 1st – Neutral – 2nd – 3rd – 4th – 5th. You push down on the shift pedal to go into 1st gear and then pull it up through neutral to go into 2nd and then on to 3rd, 4th and 5th gear..

Diamond frame with excellent rigidity-strength balance


The simple-design diamond type frame is made with large 22 mm diameter pipes that achieve an excellent balance of rigidity and strength. It has plenty of strength and rigidity for not only solo riding but also tandem riding and carrying loads.

Front suspension is designed for a comfortable ride


The front suspension is specially designed with a priority on riding comfort in various riding conditions, including things like speed bumps, a good feeling of road grip and riding fun. It has plenty of travel at 120 mm. The large inner tubes have a diameter of 30 mm, and in combination with the optimized machine dimensions for the front caster, trail, etc.

5-level preload adjustable rear suspension for a comfortable ride


The rear suspension is a twin shock type and is preload adjustable across fives levels. The spring rate is set high (firm) to ensure a comfortable ride even in tandem riding when going over things like speed bumps. With 105 mm of wheel travel, this suspension provides a ride with good resistance to bottoming.

Maintenance-free cast wheel, 18-inch tires front and rear


The 5-spoke cast wheels are designed for an intrepid look and excellent strength. With no nipple portions, they are maintenance-free and easy to inspect and clean. The tires on these wheels feature both good grip performance and abrasion resistance. The sizes are 2.75-18 for the front and 90/90-18 for the rear, both are 18-inch tires for a good balance.

Front disc brake with excellent stopping power, touch and control


The front disc brake provides plenty of braking power and excellent operational touch and controllability.

Sporty 2-level seat with good feeling of rider hold


The seat adopted on this model is a sporty 2-level type with an excellent feeling of hold. The tandem rider section of the seat is raised above the main section in a design that provides both a comfortable ride and comfortable seating. To ensure a good feeling of fit, the seat cover is processed with a finely dimpled surface.

Halogen headlight in a single-unit design with a smoked windshield


A 35W halogen headlight with bright and clear illumination is adopted. The mirror-like inner reflectors project their light clearly across the entire illumination field for excellent visibility.

Fuel tank with generous 13-liter capacity and easy-to-use petcock


A 13-liter fuel tank is adopted. Together with the engine’s good fuel efficiency, this ensures a long running distance between fill-ups.

A twin-dial instrument panel with gear position indicator and fuel gauge


A twin-dial instrument panel with the speedometer on the left and tachometer on the right is adopted. The fuel gauge is positioned between the two dials and a gear position indicator is added on the tachometer dial.

Full chain case and other features


A full chain case made of plastic resin and featuring a design that blends in well with smart-looking body design is adopted. Other features include a center stand, easy to grip grab-bar, a chrome-plated muffler and more.



Overall length
1975 mm
Overall width
745 mm
Overall height
1085 mm
Seat height
775 mm
1285 mm
Minimum ground clearance
145 mm

Engine type

4 stroke, Air Cooled, SOHC
124.0 cm3
Bore x Stroke
54.0 x 54.0 mm
Compression ratio
10.0 : 1

Starting method

Self starter / Kick Starter
Rear/Front Wheel
Cast Wheel
Fuel tank volume
13.0 L
Ignition type
12V – DC CDI

Transmission Type

Constant Mesh 5-Speed
Tire Size(Front)
2.75 – 18 42P
Tire Size(Rear)
90/90 -18 51S
Brake type(Front)
Single Disc Brake
Brake type(Rear)
Drum Brake
Telescopic, Coil Spring, Oil Damper
Swingarm, Coil Spring, Oil Damper
12V 35W x 35W
Bulb Type
Halogen Bulb
Dry Weight


Dark Grey Metallic

Vivid Cocktail Red
Metallic Blue

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