YouTube Intelligence Desk is to Spot Inappropriate Videos before Getting Viral

YouTube, as we all know is the largest video streaming channel and masses are making money from this platform by running their own channels on to it. YouTube has been facing some problems for some time about the inappropriate videos which went viral. These type of videos creates problems for advertisers from which they got money. There were some controversial videos on YouTube which gone viral and had ads of big corporations.

That created the problem for corporations and it sets the image that they might support these inappropriate videos. Such substance created the problem and affected their business and they pointed this on YouTube. So, now to resolve this issue YouTube has created an Intelligence des for this purpose especially in which they make sure to eliminate or delete such inappropriate video before attaching any ads to it.

YouTube mentioned, “As we outlined in a blog in December, we’re expanding our work against bad actors trying to abuse our platform. This includes hiring more people working to address potentially violative content and increasing our use of machine learning technology. We can confirm that part of those efforts will include assembling new teams dedicated to protecting our platform against emerging trends and threats.”

They have made some rules of getting ads on any YouTube video in which the video need at least 4,000 hours of total watch time over the previous 12 months and have at least 1,000 subscribers. The You tuber will need the high viewership to get paid for the ads and if they find out any inappropriate video they will remove it before getting viral.

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