YouTube Launches Own Live TV Streaming Services Including above 40 Channels


Now you will be able to watch shows from over 40 networks including ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, as well as Bravo, FX, ESPN and Fox Sports because YouTube launched its own live TV streaming service for those who dont like tarditional Cable. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki‏ stated that people around the world watch one billion hours of YouTube content each day, and younger generations don’t want to consume television through traditional channels.The news was publicly announced at an event in Los Angele, YouTube claimed for its own streaming TV service. This will include mix live-streams of broadcast and cable television programming with the wealth of online video searched on YouTube. In a surge of over-the-top (OTT) services, they are aiming to woo users who show lack of their interest level in traditional cable television.

Viewers can watch the shows that were previously only available on YouTube Red, the ad-free YouTube subscription service, along with cable services. Google is willing to enforce traditional television operators for designing a service that fetch younger people interest, those are spending much of their time in entertainment on smartphones and who already get indulged for unlimited hours in watching YouTube videos.

All of Internet TV services that include Apple TV, Sling TV, Sony PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now will be joining Google that rush towards Google makes it crowded. Another famous online video site Hulu has planned also to launch its own “skinny” bundle of traditional TV channels in upcoming months.

“This is partly a defensive move,” said James McQuivey, a media analyst with Forrester Research. “If you are Google, then you don’t want to stand by and watch the satellite-TV guys take this opportunity for themselves. If [Internet TV] going to happen, then Google wants to make it happen.”

Yesterday YouTube revealed that users now watch a billion hours of video on its platform each day, quickly closing in on the volume of television consumed by all Americans each day. YouTube’s new service expectedly going to take over make the biggest screen in the house for video, then YouTube planned to start to set a higher price for its ads. On the other side, all YouTube’s new partners from around the world will get benefit of learning the new machine technology to enhance their services and get the consumers traffic on their shows.

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