YouTube Revealed Top 10 Creators Of 2022 In Pakistan

YouTube has revealed the Top 10 Creators of 2022 in Pakistan. As the year 2022 comes to an end, YouTube is revealing the biggest creators from all over the world. While they have shared the statistics of the world, they have also shared the biggest creators of each region and country.

Top 10 Creators of 2022

For Pakistan, the year 2022 was a big success, especially for a lucky 10 creators who worked hard and got the results they wanted. While YouTube has also shared lists of the top music videos, trending videos, breakout creators, and top shorts in the country, the top creators prove to be a highlight of the lists revealed.

Here are the Top 10 Creators of 2022 of Pakistan that shined bright this year on YouTube.

YouTube Top 10 Creators of 2024 in Pakistan

Our creators were bringing their A-game this year and making sure to provide quality content for their fans. The fact that the Pakistani audience loves a variety of content provided ample opportunities for different creators to show their best to the audience.

Unsurprisingly, Ducky Bhai and Maaz Safder World were the top two content creators of 2024 in Pakistan. The two created vlogs, entertaining content, and funny videos that won the hearts of Pakistanis as well as their fans all over the world.

Not far behind them is Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets, Pakistan’s favorite food content creator who has captured the hearts of his audience this year.

Here is the complete list of the Top 10 Creators of 2022 in Pakistan that was just released by YouTube.

  • Maaz Safder World
  • Ducky Bhai
  • Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets
  • Salman Noman
  • BaBa Food RRC
  • Shaz Safder World
  • Sistrology
  • Zulqarnain Sikandar
  • Mr How
  • Naya Pakistan

The biggest gainer is Zulwarnain Sikandar, a TikToker who made a name for himself on YouTube and proved that his talent is beyond lip-syncing videos.

What do you think? Do you think these are the right top 10 creators of Pakistan in 2022? Or do you think there should be someone else?

Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer is a graduate from Kinnaird College for Women and holds a Bachelors in English Literature. She is a seasoned freelance writer with more than a decade of experience in multiple niches.
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