Zong Brings Super Card/Load Offer

zong super card/load

After the success of Ufone super card offer in which customers received SMS/MBs and free Minutes for both onnet and offnet, Zong brings the same kind of offer to their valued customers.

In Zong super card customers gets the same benefits like Ufone Super Card instead of getting balance customer will received free resources.

Zong super card/load is available in Rs. 500/month and mini super card/load at Rs. 250/month. Daily and weekly bundles are also available.

Offer Details:

Daily Bundle:

Daily Charges: RS.20

On-net minutes: 40
Off-net minutes: 4
Free SMS:400
Free MBs:40

Weekly Bundle:

Weekly Charges: RS.100

On-net minutes: 350
Off-net minutes: 35
Free SMS:350
Free MBs:150

Monthly Bundle:

Monthly Charges:RS.500

On-net minutes: 1500
Off-net minutes: 150
Free SMS:1500
Free MBs:1500

Monthly Mini Bundle:

Monthly Charges: RS.250

On-net minutes: 700
Off-net minutes: 70
Free SMS:700
Free MBs:700


To Check Remaning Mins/SMS/MBs: Dial *102*1#

Note: Zong Super Load is available but zong super cards are not yet available in the market. Ask retailer for zong super load of your desired amount.

[Zong All-In-1 Bundles which can be activated by dialing *6464# and than press 3, also have same bundles. By dialing this you can activate it by yourself. Taxes are included in all bundles except Monthly 599 and Monthly 799 which are not available through Zong super load and activation only possible by dialing *6464#]

Click here for Telenor EasyCard/Super Load offer

Updated Zong Super Card Information with Competitor Comparison:

Zong Super Card:

  • Available in two options: Rs. 500 Super Card and Rs. 250 Mini Super Card.
  • Benefits:
    • Daily: Rs. 20 for 40 on-net minutes, 4 off-net minutes, 400 SMS, and 40MB data.
    • Weekly: Rs. 100 for 350 on-net minutes, 35 off-net minutes, 350 SMS, and 150MB data.
    • Monthly:
      • Rs. 500 for 1500 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 1500 SMS, and 1500MB data.
      • Rs. 250 Mini Super Card for 700 on-net minutes, 70 off-net minutes, 700 SMS, and 700MB data.
  • Activation:
    • Super Load available from retailers, Super Cards not yet in market.
    • Dial 1021# to check remaining minutes, SMS, and MBs.
    • Dial *6464# and press 3 to activate All-In-1 Bundles with similar offers (taxes included)

Safety Guidelines:

  • Compare: Analyze this offer against current plans from Jazz, Ufone, and Zong, considering data, minutes, SMS, validity, and price.
  • Fair Usage Policy: Check for potential fair usage policies that restrict data usage after bundle exhaustion.
  • Terms & Conditions: Thoroughly read and understand the full terms and conditions, including charges for exceeding bundle limits.
  • Responsible Use: Use your resources responsibly and ethically.

Competitor Comparison (as of December 24, 2023):

Provider Package Price Minutes SMS Data Notes
Jazz Super Daily MB Rs. 10 750 Unlimited 1.5GB Higher data, lower on-net minutes.
Ufone Super Internet Offer Rs. 5 500 Unlimited 500MB Lower data, cheaper price.
Zong Daily MAX Rs. 7 800 Unlimited 750MB Balanced minutes, data, and price.

Remember: Choose the offer that best meets your needs and budget, considering minutes, SMS, data, validity, and price. Always read the terms and conditions carefully before activating.

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