Zong Customers are Facing Severe Call Connectivity Issues & Slow 4G Speed

Zong, the cellular service provider of Pakistan is facing major issues in call connectivity and slow speed of internet along with poor reception. According to different people who are Zong customers has said that the network is so congested and we even can’t make calls. Zong customers are complaining that even in good reception of 2G signals they cannot make calls or if the call is connected the other person can’t hear their voice.

Customers said we have complained many times but Zong representatives are not serious is probing out the issues.

In, our personal experience we have also faced similar issues, even in full 2G signals most of the times, call connected but other party can’t hear, and we need to call again. And most of the time other party complained that your number was switched off but in real the number is not off and was in good signal coverage area. Now let’s talk about 4G, 4G of Zong is no more good, as compared to other network. The 4G coverage is not so exceptional and the speed is also normal most of the time.

While talking to retailers, they said we have also highlighted this issue with the officials, that the network quality is going down day by day. And the people are prefer to port out from Zong to other networks due to these network problems. But Zong is not serious to handle these basic call connectivity issues and claiming to be a No.1 data network of Pakistan.

We, personally contacted Zong and they replied and said we will checkout that issues. But in real nothing is being changed.

If you want cheap Packages and offers in poor quality then you may pleased to enjoy Zong services, but if you want to get better you have to find alternate.

Umer Kayani
Umer Kayanihttps://Beam.pk
is managing this blog and writing on a tech, mobile news/reviews and telecom news.


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