Zong 3G/4G Internet Settings for Android Smartphones| Complete Guide-2022


All About Zong Internet Settings or APN Settings for Android Users…!

Using internet is become essential for everyone nowadays. We all use 3G/4G on our handsets for faster and efficient browsing. If you are a zong user and want to know about the Zong Internet Settings or Zong APN Settings then it’s all for you. You can configure your Zong Internet Settings in one of the three ways described below. All these methods are so easy and simple.

1. Zong Internet Settings through Manual Procedure

Zong Internet Settings

The first method of configuring Zong Internet Settings is manually. In this method you go on your mobile phone’s settings and enter the following information for Zong Internet/APN Settings.

  • Go your handset’s Settings
  • Tap Wireless and Networks
  • Tap Mobile Networks
  • Tap Access Point Names (APN)

Now you need to enter the following details for Zong Internet:

  • APN (zonginternet)
  • Login Name left blank
  • Password left blank

Zong Internet Settings for MMS

  • Open Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names
  • Tap Add button available at the top right corner

Enter the following details as:

  • Name Zong MMS
  • APN (zongmms)
  • Login name left blank
  • Password left blank
  • Wap Gateway IP (
  • Port (8000)
  • MCC (410)
  • Authentication Type  (PAP)
  • APN Type (mms)
  • APN Roaming Protocol (IPv4)
  • Relay server/messaging server (

2. Zong Internet Settings via SMS

To configure the Zong Internet Settings via SMS service is easier than any other method. You have to need to perform only few easy and simple steps for Zong Internet/APN Settings. You only need to send a text message to 2161 short code to get Zong Internet & MMS internet settings of your handset. Follow the following steps as:

  • Go on your messages and type all and send it to 2161.
  • After this the Zong Internet/APN Settings would be sent to you on your android handset.
  • Once Zong Internet Settings are received then enter pin code 1234 and press install button to save the settings.
  • To configure the Zong Internet/APN Settings via SMS is free of cost.

Zong Internet/APN Settings

3. Zong Internet Settings via Call

The third method to configure your Zong Internet Settings or Zong APN Settings on your android smartphones is by calling. You can call from your mobile phone to Zong help line and can change Zong Internet/APN Settings. Here are the details about this simple method.

  • Dial 310 from your Zong Mobile Number.
  • The Zong staff will help you to configure your handset for Zong Internet/APN Settings.
  • You make sure that your android smartphone is compatible for Mobile Internet/WAP & MMS services.
  • If your smartphone is compatible for these services then you can configure Zong Internet/APN Settings .

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