​NIKE Launched Hijab for Muslim Female Athletes; A Positive Step Towards Harmony

Nike a US based company which manufacture’s sport’s wear and now for the first time launched hijab for female MUSLIM athletes.Nike has taken another step into lucrative Islamic clothing by making of exclusive product range specifically for muslim female athletes. 

The product which has been under development from past few year’s and tested by the different athletes including figure skater zahra lari.

The pull-on hijab is made of light, stretchy fabric that has tiny holes for hassle free breath ability and long back so it will not come untucked.

It will be launched in three different colors:black, grey and obsidian. The product will hit the market of different countries in year, 2018.

This a positive step towards peace and against all anti Muslim agenda’s running internationally. It can also prove to be a good step towards woman’s status all across the world. 

Meanwhile, In some countries like America, they are banning even the entrance of Muslims into their country and are stealing there basic rights and Muslims are considered as terrorists and almost every terrorist attack they linked to our religion Islam.

Due to this negative image of Muslims, we are especially females are facing alot of problems and the trendy one is hijab.In some countries like Europe, France, Italy, spain, Switzerland and many more countries across the world are banning hijab and full face covering.Among all these events, this could be very helpful for female Muslims to enjoy success at a larger scale. 

Nike has also been making a play for Muslim customers in the Middle East in recent years, opening stores in the region and launching a training app in Arabic.

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