Top 10 Best Shoes Brands For Men In Pakistan 2024

Do you ever wonder, what would be the first thought while making shoes about hundreds of years ago? Well, the surprising fact, which must be known at this time, is, shoes were designed for royalty as they signify status. Nowadays, the importance of footwear is quite understandable as we all must know that quality of our shoes narrate our status in society. I mean, you would never witness a clerk wearing branded shoes and an entrepreneur wearing clumsy chappal!

In Pakistan, many international and local brands of shoes have been introduced, for good of course! So today we have made a handy list of Top Best Shoes Brands for Men In Pakistan, ranging from affordable prices to high budget, as boots and loafers really depict your taste in fashion.

Best Shoes Brands Top10- BATA for Men

The largest shoemaking company in the world by volume sells approximately 1 million shoes every day. In Pakistan, the brand was introduced decades ago, which is known for its long-lasting sole and affordability. Ranging from casual footwear to formal boots, the Bata Shoes have earned respect and money in shoe market.

9- Mochari Shoes

Looking from something unusual and funky, then Mochari is what that might suits to your demand! The hand-crafted shoes, mixing modern and traditional taste together, these shoes will keep you relaxed and stylish without making much struggle. But yeah, it will cost money, but they promise you diverse range of sneaker, loafers and formal shoes.

8- Arino – Men’s Shoes

Arino believes that shoes are not just concern of women! They make best of footwear for men, keeping style and quality in their mind. Arino shoes are known for designing casual footwear for men that includes sandals, leather shoes and classy loafers, which can give new life to your feet.

7- Epcot Shoes

Not in mood to stroll the market much but still craves for best of the product for grace, then the blind option to buy shoes will Epcot shoes as there is plethora of  Casual Shoes, Sporty Dress Shoes, Formal Shoes, Dress Shoes, Boots, Oxford shoes at one place, making you contented with shoe shopping.

6- Nike Men’s Shoes

Among the ocean of shoe shops, Nike will always be a trusted option for many men, as Nike being international brand tempts customers for high quality of sole and comfort. The wide range of footwear in budget-friendly prices, will always keep Nike personal favorite of middle and elite class.


Starting from 1999 rupees, Urbansole offers up-to-date footwear for men, as the brand is all about latest trend. Ranging from modish loaders to elegant shoes, urbansole will never disappoint your formal or casual dress code.

4- Borjan Shoes For Men

Covering a wide range of chappals, slippers, sandals and formal shoes for men, Borjan is one of the leading brands in Pakistan. This brand has marked a significant importance in shoe market as ranging from merely 1500 to 3000; Borjan commits luxury and comfort to their customers. (Note: The official site of Borjan brand often offers 50% discount during special events.)

3- Levis Shoes

The international brand Levis is known for making a bit shoes than traditional footwear, collaborating cultural designs and modern sole quality, Levis Shoes in Pakistan has become a trademark of all-time-best luxury and casual appearance.

2- Gucci

Here comes designer footwear for business and elite class in Pakistan, which can literally afford expensive shoes. The brand offers magnificent designs of loafers and mocassin shoes, ‎Leather and tweed loafer, Leather and herringbone loafer, ‎Floral jacquard loafers all made in Italy.

1-Hush Puppies

To attain unavoidable personality, men are supposed to wear best shoes and perfume that is an old saying. To make such mission successful, Hush Puppies is ideal brand for average and high-class men, as the brand is all about that transitions style and class as effortlessly as you need in everyday low prices.

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