Manage your 3 Days Trip to Naran in Rs 5000

I am sure most of you have planned and cancelled many trips just because you were short on money. I really feel bad for your, we have got same problems, anyway. Let’s guide you on how to keep your trip to Naran in under Rs. 5000.


This is where it all starts. The trip of course but what I mean is that this is where all the spending starts. Try to use local transport instead of booking car for three days, believe me it will save you tons of money. Now that Daewoo also goes there from all major cities, no need to book a car. And if you have your own car it’s probably the best thing ever.

Travel off-season:

It is probably best to travel off-season to almost every place. The reason is there is little rush of people and accommodation, travel and food rates are pretty low.

Skip expensive hotels:

You are not going to stay there forever, so no need to spend extra money on cool looking hotels, low priced rooms also server the purpose. Naran as a whole has pretty decent hotels. One more thing try to travel in a group, because rent of room is divided among people that way.


Food is always expensive in Naran. It would be better if you cooked the food yourself. BBQ by the river is one of the most economical and memorable experiences of trip. You can have one or two meals from hotels.


Try going to top on foot, it will save you around 1500 rupees in form of jeep and also you will enjoy the hectic hike to the top. You can use the saved money for booking jeep to come down from lake saif-ul-malook.

Following above tips you can easily keep your expenses under 5000 rupees. Enjoy your trip.

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