Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Women, Pakistan is at Number…?


Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Women, India at Top, Pakistan, and the US are Also in this List

A report has been issued by an international foundation named Thomson Reuters Foundation. The report shows 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Women in the world. The strange thing is that the world’s superpower US is also in this list along Congo. India has topped the list and appears 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Women. The survey of about 550m experts for women issues ranked the countries according to the number of violence and issued raised on the international level. Thomson Reuters Foundation

Most Dangerous Countries for Women:

The list of 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Women is based on the survey conducted from 26 March to May.


India is on top of the list due to three reasons; one is sexual violence, the second one is harassment and the third one is the growth of murders and rapes of women. In 2011 survey, India was on top of the list and after many years there is no changes as well as no rights reserved for women.


This country is at the second rank and indulges in this problem due to the violence of Taliban. The three main reasons for this rank is violence, healthcare issues for women and educational issues.


On third, Syria, a war top country in which a huge number of women become the victim of violence. The reasons are non-sexual violence and healthcare issues as well as freedom issues.


This is at rank 4 due to the inaccessibility of healthcare and economic resources to the women. It was ranked after its degradation since 1991.

5.Saudia Arabia:

This country is added to this list due to freedom. The women have no access to economic resources, workplaces, rights and in property rights.


Unfortunately, Pakistani is also in this list but improved its rank as compared to previous 2011 (when it was on 3rd rank). Pakistan is added to this list due to Honor Killing and domestic violence. The rise of many women issues such as Malala Yousafzai and Zainab Murder case (likewise other) put Pakistan in this list.

7.Democratic Republic of Congo:

This country came in this list due to sexual violence, the country’s bad conditions and freedom of women.


The women in this country have to face many traditional, cultural and non-sexual violence practices. The women have almost zero percent access to economic and healthcare resources.


This country is highlighted due to the human trafficking. The women have to face much domestic and traditional violence.

10.United State:

The only western country added in this list is the US, which is ranked at number 10. The reasons behind this are; sexual abuse, harassment, injustice in rape cases and many other reasons. Especially the #MeeToo campaign put this country in this list.

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