10 places you should visit in Murree


Murree is one the most beautiful hill station and summer resort in Pakistan. Although it has no industry or mills, but it has natural beauty. There are scenic views, flowing springs, mountains and a lot of greenery. There are many amusement places which tourists love to visit, we will discuss some of them.


The other name of Patriata is new Murree. Patriata is located at the distance of 15km from Murree Hills. This is the main mountain resort with beautiful scenic views. The Chairlift was created to enjoy this beauty by flying in a ski lift with international standards.

murree, 10 places you should visit in Murree

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Mall road is very famous among the visitors. Mall road is one of the most popular shopping places in Murree. Ring road market is the prevalent market on the Mall road, where one can find ample of materials to buy. On the hand, Mall road is a stretch of road, where people walk and enjoy the summers and the winters. Restaurants, Children Park, and other refreshment centers add taste and pleasure to their walk.

murree, 10 places you should visit in Murree


Nathia Gali is a wonderful town situated near Kala Bagh, also having Nathia Gali Union Council. It’s located in Abbottabad District, at the distance of 2500m (8200ft). Nathia Gali is having a number of pine, maple, walnut and oak trees. Nathia Gali is very popular as it is a hilly area; during the winter season, it wears a white blanket of snow which gives it a unique and beautiful look.

murree, 10 places you should visit in Murree


Ayubia is a complex of four hill stations.

  • Ghor Daka
  • Khanspur
  • Gali Changla
  • Khairagali

These Hill stations are spread over an area of approximately 16 miles. These hill stations are upgraded and are developed according to the international standard resorts having hotels, restaurant and sports facilities.

murree, 10 places you should visit in Murree


Kashmir point is situated near GPO. The attractive thing about Kashmir point is its ancient buildings of wood and the beauty of lush green trees.


Pindi point is 20 minutes’ walk from the Mall road. Pindi point is a hilly region attractive because of its scenic views, and the most important thing about Pindi point is that you can enjoy the look of complete Pindi city through that spot. You can also enjoy the chairlift. There is a horse ride, which people prefer for an excursion.


It is a prevalent place among the children. This park was specially built as a family amusement place. There are different types of thrilling rides especially the water slide is really enjoyable.

murree, 10 places you should visit in Murree


Among different holiday spots, Chattar Park is a famous place located in the way From Murree to Rawalpindi. It is a beautiful place with a stream flowing inside, where tourists can enjoy boating.

murree, 10 places you should visit in Murree


If we talk about the education institutes. Murree is the city, having highly ranked institutes. Presentation Convent School is the most prevalent institute located near Pindi point.

murree, 10 places you should visit in Murree


There are different restaurants in Murree which add taste to your visit, but the Shifang Chinese Restaurant is prevalent for its distinct food, especially the Chinese recipes which are used for preparing dishes.

murree, 10 places you should visit in Murree

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