3 Best & Cheap Power Banks in Pakistan

Tablets and Smartphones are turning out to be an imperative part of our lives but all these users have to face one common problem that is a dead battery. At times, when you need the smartphone the most to find a way on the map, to call someone urgently or in any other emergency, then your smartphone’s battery runs out. At this moment, you need something to charge your phone when you don’t have your charger or socket near you. In Pakistan, the load-shedding problem is too much due to which people cannot charge their phones most of the time. In this case, they need power banks. Power banks are getting very common in Pakistan with the passage of time. So, we are here to tell you about the 3 best & cheap power banks in Pakistan. Have a look:

1. Anker PowerCore 15600 MAh External Battery – Black

Anker PowerCore is a power bank that has a capacity of 15600 mAh. It has an output of 5V/4.8A while input is 5V/2A. It is a lightweight power bank as it has the weight of 341g. It is available in 1400 PKR. The size of this power bank is 6.5 x 2.3 x 0.9in.

2. DANY ALPHA X-100 – 10,000 mAh Power Bank – Dust Gold

This Dany power bank is durable as well as performs much better than the others. It charges the cellphone completely in just four hours. It has the capacity of 10000maH. Therefore, you can charge your device a lot of times by just charging this power bank once. It is really simple to use and light in weight to carry along.

3. Remax Proda Power Bank – 30000mAh – Black

Remax Proda is a power bank that is available at cheap price. It is only available under 2000 PKR. It has the capacity of 30000mAh. It means you can charge your device multiple times whenever you want. It is an ideal partner for travelers.

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