5 Best Smart Watches Available In Pakistan

Now-a-days, mesmerizing new technology is widespread and everyone wants to have it whether it is smart Phone, Smart watch or anything like that. Smart Phones are ruling over for a long time but now it seems that smart watches are taking their place. Long time ago it was just a fascination to talk to someone using watch or to get instant report of some place by connecting to the world using a watch. But now it’s super possible. Now smart watches are in existence and can do almost everything like calling, text messaging, car locking unlocking etc. As they are getting trendy by day, they are now available in most of the countries and hence available in Pakistan also.
Below is the list of 5 best smart watches that are available in Pakistan.


Price: 27,999 PKR

smart watches
Other Features:
• A rotating bezel
• 4 GB internal memory
• Changeable watch faces
• Leather strap
• 30.5 mm screen size
• Compatible with most android devices
• Wireless charging
• Dust and water proof
• Embedded with S-health app to monitor heart rate.

smart watches
ASUS Zen Watch

Price: 21,999 PKR

smart watches
Other Features:
• Stainless steel casing
• Curved glass display
• On-off button
• Compatible with both iOS (8.2+) and Android (4.3+)
• 4 GB internal storage
• 512 mb ram.
• Wi-Fi
• Compass
• Bluetooth
• Gyroscope
• Rechargeable battery

smart watches

Price: 20,098 PKR

smart watches
Other Features:
• Supports voice commands.
• Embedded iFit application for heart rate monitoring.
• Compatible with Android devices (4.3+).
• Waterproof
• 512 MB Ram.
• 4 GB internal storage.
• 1.2 GHz processor.
• NFC support.
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth

smart watches

Price: 14,098

smart watches
Other Features:
• Compatible with all android smart phones.
• Extremely light weight.
• Bluetooth 3.0
• Hands-free
• Noise cancelling
• Headset
• Dust and waterproof
• Sleep monitoring capability

smart watches

Price: PKR 7,598.

smart watches
Other features:
• Inexpensive
• Durable
• Can act as camera remote for smartphone
• Long lasting memory
• Travelled distance monitoring system.
• Calling, texting capability.
• Can give access to your smart phone apps and features.
• Vintage watch like look.

smart watches

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