The Failure of Car Tracking System in Pakistan-Why and How to Overcome?

Car tracking technology has evolved over the past years, but has never gained the right place in Pakistan. Car tracking system has never been taken seriously, and even if it has been implemented-theft is far clever and addresses the hacks of this technology pretty easily. But isn’t precaution better than the after affects? Shouldn’t car tracking be made better? Or those that have ample to buy luxuries don’t care to understand the importance?

Well, seeing the circumstances around us, we have been compelled to ask our users the reasons for not having a tracking system in their cars. We at Motor Trader conducted a survey to understand the reality and allow you to understand the importance of protecting your investment! After all, whether you buy the latest car from online sellers as or a used car from us, your car should have a tracker.

First understand tracking system; in simple words you pay a company to watch over your car. In technical elaboration; car tracking technology is a monitoring system that uses other technologies such as GPRS/GSM. GPS satellite, micro controllers, state of art server machines with powerful database solutions, and Vector/Raster maps for geographical views.

The Status of Car Tracking System in Pakistan:

Pakistan has a number of tracking companies. This system was based on GSM modules but due to security concerns, the Govt. of Pakistan ordered the companies to change to a GPS module. These companies control your car as follows: you can define geographical locations of your car (geo-fencing), if your car goes anywhere out of this area; the tracking company will receive a prompt.

As soon as the car breaches, the company will get in touch with you to inquire about the unexpected trip. If you respond and say the car is not driven by you, the company will override the car system and shut the entire system. If you report to the company for car theft, they shut the engine and since the tracker has its own circuitry and auxiliary power which means it is still controllable.

If the tracking system is capable of controlling the car despite the theft then majority of the cars in Pakistan don’t have it installed?

According to the survey we conducted, only 19 percent of 11,000 plus people had trackers installed in their cars which when calculated and analyzed according to their prices, it amounts to 1000 rupees a month on average. This price on average is not a lot but the start of tracking systems was expensive and that could have been considered as a reason for not having it installed.

There are two conclusions from this over all analysis; those who have luxuries car do not fear theft. For them it seems almost impossible as they are well guarded. But for the ones who have Bolan or Mehran will find it tough to take a few thousands out of their monthly expenses. So the service is definitely a great advantage for car owners but not everyone will be able to afford it.

The second major conclusion includes the tariffs of tracking companies. They will need to revise the tariffs so the product can be used more readily. Moreover, latest auto policy is introducing immobilizers in the cars, but the effect of theses immobilizers is yet to be seen. Meanwhile we can hope for tracking companies to make trackers affordable and car owners to take this facility responsibly.

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Farhan Ramzan is known for his untiring energy and enthusiasm. He is a passionate writer, and enjoys tweeting about his writing process about Cars at Motor Trader. Farhan has written a number of articles for various niches.

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