5 Best Ways to Make Money Through Google AdSense

Google AdSense can be a perfect goldmine for a person who is willing to spend some of his/her precious time in learning it and how to use it effectively. Most of the people who start using Google AdSense become hopeless and tend to get turned off by it within an initial couple of months because they just don’t get what they have heard and they don’t seem to be making the money that they had expected.
If you are making typical newbie mistakes then don’t worry. Read our tips in order to make some good cash off of AdSense.

Sense of Google AdSense

Google AdSense

The biggest mistake every newbie makes is throwing Ads on every website. Don’t waste your time, effort and ads on such websites which don’t bring you cash. So the best way is to create your own website that is geared towards sales. Because the website or blog that is about selling attracts more than any ordinary website.

Smart Pricing

Most importantly you have to be aware of smart-pricing. As this scheme gives discounts to the advertisers based on the popularity of your website. The best way to avoid this is to post your ads only on your older posts.


Google AdSense

The keyword is the key to get more and more searches. You have to choose the best paying keywords for your niche.

Big Ads

Google AdSense

AdSense advertisements come in various format. So always choose big ads i.e. 336×280 rectangle sized. Big ads have proven to be more effective than the smaller ones and give the best payout.


Google AdSense

No matter what you do in your website or blog, you have to check how successfully your ads are doing. If you don’t monitor the progress of your ads, ultimately you’ll fail. Monitoring will help you in finding out the progress of your ads that which ads are doing well and which are not working according to your expectations.

The best way to trace the fault is to check the top 1/5 of pages and then take a look at your bottom 1/5 of pages. You will find out why top 1/5 of pages are making more money?  And what are the do’s to get positive results?

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