5 Times Social Media Made Average Pakistani’s Star & then Forgot


How many times have we seen average Pakistanis hitting the internet because of their talent? I’m not sure if word ‘talent’ fits in here, probably it’s the social media and a little bit of luck, talent to some extent and people go crazy over the internet. There have been a number of cases when average Pakistanis became celebrities overnight courtesy the social media and were then forgotten. Their follower-count stagnates after a while and they’re never seen again.

Here is a list of a few Pakistanis who came to the limelight thanks to the social media and were obliterated from people’s consciousness after a while.

1. One Pound Fish Man

Muhammad Shahid Nazir, better known as ‘One Pound Fish Man’ gained the attention of social media with his viral video. Everyone went berserk over the internet about the internet superstar but gradually his fame diminished. No one talks about him now, at least not as per my knowledge.

2. Justin Bieber Girls

Muqaddas and Saania, the Justin Bibis became internet sensation following their song ‘Baby’ which was originally sung by Justin Bieber. The song got everyone talking about them, earned them an interview or two with TV channels, however, it didn’t last long.


3. The Rickshaw Driver Singer

Everyone knows the Pakistani rickshaw driver who with his melodious voice, singing Ghulam Ali’s ‘Yaad Piya ki Aey’, became a hit overnight. Unfortunately, he would still be riding his rickshaw to make a living, singing those melodious songs, but no one cares now.

4. The Fruit Seller

Tahir Zaman of Okara took the internet by storm when his video in which he sang Arjit Singh’s song ‘Koi Tere Khatir Hai Jee Raha’ went viral. He aspired to be a singer, I wonder what he’s doing now.

5. The Awesome Reporter

Everyone has watched Chand Nawab’s viral video which was in fact a blooper, haven’t you? We used to watch that video before the movie on every movie night in college; that’s actually quite a few years back. He’s gone and long forgotten now.



The most famous ‘Chai-wala’ is in the news these days because of his looks and blue eyes. He’s even turned to modelling, however, I doubt the consistency of Pakistanis as a nation. I seriously hope that he retains this status even after this bout of his superstar-days.

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