6 Best Recipes’ You Should Try this Eid ul Azha

As Eid ul Azha also known as Bakra ‘Eid is just coming in couple of days, many people especially house wives are planning to try something new in their kitchen that will delight everyone. No doubt every Muslim wait for Eid ul azha as it is a moment of joy but not everyone especially children like to eat beef or mutton in simply traditional ways, but they rush towards unique and innovative dishes even if they are made of beef or mutton. Well that’s natural and of much concern so here we have brought for you some delicious and mouthwatering foods that you must try this Eid ul Azha.

Below is the list:

1. Beef Bihari Boti

This is a very delicious dish and can be made on Eid-ul-Azha. It is prepared with beef and is cooked over coal that gives it a unique and delicious taste.
• Half Kg thin slices of beef
• Hundred grams of yoghurt
• Two table spoon of papaya paste
• One fried and crushed onion
• Two table spoon of ginger garlic paste
• 1 table spoon or to taste, red chili powder
• 1 tea spoon spices powder
• Half tea spoon turmeric powder
• Four table spoon gram floor
• Four table spoon mustard oil
• Salt according to taste


2. Dam kay Boti kabab:

These kabab are just amazing in their taste with aroma of spices enriched in taste. Beef or mutton can be used to make these kababs and at the end they are given smoke of coal.
• One kilogram boneless beef or mutton.
• 1 table spoon of crushed black pepper.
• One cup yogurt.
• One table spoon khashkhash powder
• Four chopped green chilies
• One cup oil
• Two table spoon of ginger garlic paste
• 1 table spoon of raw papaya paste
• Salt to taste
• One table spoon or to taste red chili powder
• Four lemons
• One table spoon Ghee
• Coal for smoke


3. Sultana kabab

These kabab can be made by beef or mutton and are best option to serve to guests this eid.. They are rolled over an iron rod which is then placed on burning coals till they get completely cooked and soggy.
• One kilogram of boneless mutton or beef.
• Three well beaten eggs.
• Two table spoon well refined white flour or corn flour.
• One cup bread crumbs
• Four table spoon of milk.
• One onion of medium size
• One table spoon of ginger and garlic paste
• Two handful of coriander leaves
• Two tea spoon of All spices powder
• One by fourth tea spoon of mace and nutmeg
• Salt and chili powder to taste
• One cup of sour curd
• One by fourth tea spoon of saffron essence
• Fifty grams of almonds
• Oil for frying


4. Mutton do pyazi

It’s a best option to go with, this ‘Eid. You can try this delightful dish with rice or naans. Salad and Green chutney are good compliment to this dish.
• One or half kilogram of beef or mutton
• One milliliter Oil or desi ghee
• 1 table spoon of ginger garlic paste
• One cup of boiled onion paste
• Salt and chili to taste
• One tea spoon of turmeric powder
• Two tea spoon on coriander powder
• One cinnamon piece
• Half tea spoon on black pepper corns
• 5,6 cloves
• One black cardamom
• 2,3 green cardamoms
• Three to four cups of water.



5. Pasandy ki biryani

Biryani is loved by everyone so you can try something new this ‘Eid by making “Pasandy ki biryani”. Add some spices to enrich its taste and make everyone to eat it till its end.
• One kilograms of Pasandy
• One cup Yogurt
• One cup of fresh milk
• Four nicely chopped onions
• One bunch of finely chopped mint leaves
• Green chilies chopped
• Two and a half cup rice
• Salt and chili to taste
• One table spoon of ginger garlic paste
• Two table spoon of raw papaya paste
• Garam masala according to taste
• 5,6 Green cardamoms



6. Beef chops

Seasoned with salt and pepper these beef chops are surely appetizing are very delicious. So you should try them this ‘Eid and make everyone love them.
• Two hundred and 50 grams of beef
• One by fourth cup sliced onions
• 2 sliced green chilies
• One by fourth tablespoon of pepper powder
• Half table spoon of vinegar
• Two or three curry leaves
• 3 table spoon of oil
• Salt and red chili powder to taste
• Two or three garlic cloves
• Small piece of ginger
• Half inch of cinnamon piece.
• Two or three cloves


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