Why is Meri Guriya Drama a Great Warning about Daughters for Parents?

7 Things that we have Yet Learnt from Meri Guriya Drama

Currently, a drama serial named Meri Guriya is airing on ARY digital. This drama promised to highlight one of the major issues of our society that is child abuse. The drama highlight how the families of a child who becomes a victim of this inhumanity suffer. This drama is very worthier for the parents who have daughters. Every drama brings a story which plays a vital role in the development of the society.
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7 Things We Have Learnt Yet from Meri Guriya:

Meri Guriya Drama highlights 7 major issues which will blow the mind of the parents.Meri Guriya

1. You have to protect your little daughters more.

In past, the parents were worried about the teenage as well as about their adult daughters. Now, child girls whose age ranges from 5-15 years require need more protection. You should care about your younger daughter more and father should take responsibility of the daughters.

2. Family background affects the life of daughters.

The background of the family effects the social as well as the mental condition of the life. Shahnaz has 3 daughters and her husband and mother-in-law want a boy instead of girls. They do not want to take the responsibility for the daughter and do not want them to study.

3. Parents do not take a lesson from such incidents.

Instead, a case of a child abuse has been revealed in the drama, the Shahnaz’s husband even doesn’t care about his daughters. Even the mother doesn’t take as much care of her daughter as she should take.

4. Culprits of child abuse mostly have dual faces:

You should protect your daughters from everyone (Na-Mehram) whether it’s a teacher, shopkeeper, neighbor, cousin or a friend. The culprit can be next to your door or even in your own home. Parents should be beware of such culprits.

5. Parents marry their daughters even without any investigation.

Soniya Hussain aka Safina get married to such a man who is child rape addicted. They don’t investigate anything and fix their marriage just to hide the broken engagements of their daughter.

What character inspired us?

Mohsin Abbas Haider aka Dabeer is an evil person behind such an innocent face.Meri Guriya

Soniya Hussain has to surrender her dreams due to her parent’s wish. She will surely fight against her husband (the culprit).Meri Guriya

Shahnaz is a mother who has to protect her daughters solely. She also has to listen to the bad words from her husband and in-laws for not having any baby boy.Meri Guriya

Arfa a little angel who is a next victim of dabeer’s inhumanity. She will be seen in action mode in this drama.Meri Guriya

Father and in-laws of Shahnaz put the honor of their daughters on the peak.Meri Guriya

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