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Akhuwat University Offer Free Education | Opening Date, Requirements, Courses Offered, Location

There are many government schools and colleges in Pakistan which offer free education all across the country. But students cannot afford the huge expenses of the university and quit education. Now, get ready to take admission in first free Pakistani university named Akhuwat University. The Akhuwat, a Microfinance company in Pakistan started this initiative and make the higher education procedure possible for lower and middle-class families. Akhuwat University

The Akhwat microfinance bank is providing interest-free loans across all the country. Moreover, they always tried to stand Pakistan in the line of developed countries. Therefore, they not only focused to improve the lifestyle of the people. Instead, they have focused to improve the life of people through education.

Important Aspects:

  • Initially, the 20% of students from each province will be able the take admission in Akhuwat University.
  • Moreover, the students who are poor and want to change the way of living through education can take admission here.
  • Therefore, the student must have secure 75% marks in his/her matriculation examination. The candidate will be selected on the basis of the merit and province percentage.
  • Furthermore, the candidate has to pass an entry test to secure admission in this university.

Address of the University:

The university is located in the rural region of Kasur district. It is almost 51km away from Lahore city.

Date of Opening:

In honor of the independence day, they are going to open the Akhuwat University on 14th August 2018.

Courses Offered:

Currently, there are few courses offered yet in this university. The student can take admission in the following courses;

  • Varied ICT Courses
  • Pre-Medical
  • Pre Engineering

Statements of CEO:

The director of Akhuwat Microfinance company and CEO of university stated that;

Education is the sole solution for all the problems of our country. Moreover, we cannot be succeeding in this world until we will not improve our education system. We are not doing any justice with our children and we are spoiling their career. This is the injustice that a boy who studies in the first 10-12 days but can’t study further due to the financial crisis.

Moreover, if you want to participate in this great social cause, then you can participate. Take a part in this great initiative and help grow the talent to take higher education.

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