8 things you might not know about Pakistan

Pakistan is a country full of wonders. Pakistanis are quite passionate about what they do. However, we are going to explain you 8 things you might not know about Pakistan. It is always good to know about your homeland and it enables you to be more grateful for it.

  1. 2 Pakistani Brothers made first Virus Brain

Two Pakistani brothers tried to make a malicious file to fright people from using any sort of pirated copy of their designed software. In this way, they got an idea to make a virus brain.

  1. Sugarcane Juice is our National drink

You might know about our national flower or animal but do you know that sugarcane is our national drink?

  1. Pakistani Men ranked in the 4th world’s handsome men list

Not just Pakistani women but men are also getting pace in the world. Fawad Khan is rated as 4th world’s handsome men list.

  1. Great Jamia Masjid Lahore is the 7th largest mosque in the World

Great Jamia Masjid Lahore is the seventh largest mosque on earth. It has a capacity of 70,000 Namazis.

  1. Tharparkar is the only fertile desert in the World

Allah has blessed our homeland with Tharparkar that is the fertile desert. There is no other fertile desert present on earth except Tharparkar.

  1. Pakistan’s National Anthem tune is rated 1st in the World

We have to be proud of ourselves as Pakistanis that the tune of our National Anthem is so delightful. Thus, it is on the first position.

  1. 20 World Records in Guinness book of world record

Pakistan has 20 world records. These records are present in the Guinness book of world record.

  1. 1000 tourists come to visit Northern Areas

According to the latest research, it has been noted that more than 1000 people from across the world come to visit Pakistan’s Northern Areas.

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